Surjo Dighol Bari PDF Download by Abu Ishak

Surjo Dighol Bari PDF Download by Abu Ishak. Surjo Dighol Bari is a famous novel written by Abu Ishak. Surjo Dighol Bari means that a cursed house which is made in the direction of east and west. Many people called that type of house are very unlucky. Many superstitions and a women’s fight for living alone in a society is presented in this novel.

Let’s get some important information about this novel

Book Name : Surjo Dighol Bari

Bengali Name :  সূর্য দীঘল বাড়ি

Author : Abu Ishak

Genre : Novel

Language : Bengali

Publish in : 1955

Publishers : Nowroj Sahitto Somver

Now discuss the main characters of this novel

a) Jaigun

b) Godu Pradhan

c) Karim Boksho

d) Hashu

e) Maimun

f) Sarif’s Mother & many more.

Story in Brief

The story of this novel roaming around the women named Jaigun. It was 1350 when the people of west Bengal suffer from scarcity because of second world war. Many people lost there shelter and life. So they left the village and went to the city for get some job to earn money.

Jaigun was also a sufferer who lost her first husband and her second husband left her during this scarcity. She has a son of her first husband and a daughter belongs to his second husband. Her brother who was dead but his wife & son also stay with her.

But in the city the condition was same as the village. So she back to the village there she has a little land but Sarif was also the copartner of the land. There she made a house & started to live there. As we know it’s a Surjo Dighol Bari many people called the land a unlucky place.

That makes them very afraid. But a man named Jobed Ali who is a fakir baba he gave them a holy chain that makes them tension free. She has four children but Hashu & Maimun are the only support & hope of her. They both help her mother in her daily work.

In this early age poverty learn them how to survive through working hard. This way they passing their life. But in their life there was no end of problems. The head of the house Godu Pradhan he has a bad intention towards Jaigun. He gave her wrong proposal.

On the other hand her second husband wants to take her back. But she refused to both of them. That time Godu Pradhan and Karim Boksho meet with each other & Godu killed him. Jaigun was the only witness of this incident. When she suffers from all of this problems & fights for survive that time she lost her last shelter. Now she started to find a new shelter.

This novel is all about superstitions, wealth, religion, social rules & regulations & these things are used for occlusion the hungry people who suffers from scarcity.

Surjo Dighol Bari PDF Download

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