Durgesh Nandini PDF Download by BankimChandra Chattopadhyay

Durgesh Nandini PDF Download by BankimChandra Chattopadhyay. “Durgesh Nandini” is the first successful Bengali novel in Bengali literature. This novel is written by the greatest novelist and writer BankimChandra Chattopadhyay. Before Durgesh Nandini, Parichad Mitro writers a novel named “Alaler Ghorer Dulal” which can’t say a successful novel.

Because to be a successful novel, there are the absence of the proper ingredients of being a novel. But, Durgesh Nandini contains the quality of a successful novel. This novel is story of triangular love story. The writer mixes history and literature together to make a great literary work.

The main theme of this novel is love not history the writer uses history and historical characters only for designing the novel but love is the main subject of this novel. There are some characters in the novels are Jagat Singho, Ma’am Singho,Tilottama, Bimola, Virendra Singh, Usman khan, khotlu Khan etc. Jagat Singho and Tilottama are the hero and heroines of this noble. Bimola and Aeysha are the most powerful and influential female characters. In spite of being love novel history plays a vital role in this novel.

At the beginning of the novel, Maam Singho sends his son Jagat Singho to Mandarin for victory over the place. The way of the Mandarin, a terrible storm starts and he takes shelter in a” Shiv Temple”. There he meets two generous and royal lady Tilottama and Bimola.

Bimola is the stepmother of Tilottama and second wife of Virendra Singho. At first sight, Jagat Singho falls in love with Tilottama, she also starts to love him. After that he leaves the temple and goes to the war place. That time, the Mughal’s and Pathan kings become friends for that the other Bengali kings become angry and revengeful.

The marshal of Pathan king Usman khan attacks Mandarin and catches the whole family members of Virendra Singho including Tilottama and Bimola. Mughal murshal Kotlu Khan kills Virendra Singho. Then Bimola and Tilottama escape together another place.

In the war, Jagat Singho is injured severely. Then, he is brought in Mughal’s palace, where the Mughal prince Ayesha lives. She nurses Jagat Singho and makes him cured. That time, Ayesha starts to like his observing his great heroic qualities. She falls in love with Jagat Singho.

But Jagat Singho never likes Ayesha. He only loves Tilottama. After that he searches Tilottama but canno’t find her. On the other hand, Usman khan loves Ayesha, but when he notices that Ayesha loves Jagat Singho, Usman invites Jagat for fighting. But, Ayesha never loves Usman khan.

The love triangle is the main subject and climax in the novel. Ayesha is a highly pious and a great female character in this novel. On the other hand, Bimola is the symbol of a poor and deprived women who only sacrifices but never gets anything. She is the symbol of all the devoted women in the world.

 At last, Mandarin is regained by the Maan Singho and the power of the place is given Bimola. Because of Ayesha, at the end of the novel, Jagat Singho and Tilottama become each other.

The language of the novel is little old, because, when the novel is written, that time the written Bengali language is quite difficult. If the reader can pass the difficulty of the language, they can enjoy the novel a lot.

Durgesh Nandini PDF Download

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