Devdas PDF Download by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay

Devdas PDF Download by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. “Devdas”is the most famous novel written by the most familiar Bengali writer and novelist Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. As a most  popular novel, only in India The novel “Devdas” is used for making film for eighteen times.

Devdas is an excellent novel with a beautiful romantic story about parvati and Devdas, the two devoted souls have love  for each other. But at last, the novel is finished with very gloomy and sadly. The novel “Devdas” is end when dev is died before the house of Parvati.

From the childhood, Parvati or Paro is the sweetheart of devdas. They become apart when dev is sent to kolkatta by his father, a local landlord for his Education. After many years Dev comes to home and meets with Paro. Paro asks Dev to marry her.

When Dev visits his own house during vacation, he meets Paro as a young lady, he leaves her when she is a baby girl. Harimoti the mother of Paro, goes to the landlords house asks for the marriage of Paro and Dev. Inspite of loving Paro, Narayan Mukerjee rejects the marriage proposal.

Paro’s family is a Middle Class family and the other side Dev’s family has own “Jomidari”. They also humiliate Paro’s mother. After rejecting,  Paro’s mother feels so sad and says she will give her daughter’s the richest family than them.

Hearing this, Paro meets Dev and asks for marriage, Dev says his father but he doesn’t agree. Then he leaves the house and goes to kalkutta. Such a cowardly act, Paro feels so sad, but she request to Dev that  before death as he will l meet Paro.

After some days, Paro is married off with a widower, a “Jomidar ” landlord, middle aged man named Bhuvan Choudhury. He is already a father of three child. After his wife’s departure, his house becomes dull and lonely, so he decides to marry again. Here Paro busy with puja and other things. But she can’t get a proper happy conjugal life.

Going Calcutta, Devdas meets his nearest friend Chunni Lal, he bring Dev at an courtesan. He meets the most beautiful lady named” Chadramukhi”. Devdas starts drinking a lot and day by day he is getting weak for alcohol. Chamdramukhi falls in love with Devdas.

Later she knows about Paro, the first love of Devdas. Most of the time Dev spends his time in the courtesan. Here he spends a lot of his money. He always tries to compare Chandra with Paro. But he only feels for parvati. One day, he can remember that the speech of Paro that, once she request him to visit her.

But that time the physical condition of Dev is severely destroyed because of drinking execs alcohol. But, he makes a promise of himself that he will meet Paro. He starts his journey but it taking too much time to reach Paro’s village. He reaches at last but his time is getting finished. He dies at the doorstep of Paro in a cold night. Such a way Dev finishes his life.

So,  such a romantic but sad, heartbreaking story is the novel Devdas. No only Bengali people but also all over the world the novel is very famous. So, every reader should read the book.

Devdas PDF Download

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