Jochna O Jananir Golpo PDF Download Free by Humayun Ahmed

Jochna O Jananir Golpo PDF Download Free by Humayun Ahmed. Jochna O Jananir Golpo is a remarkable novel written by Humayun Ahmed which is based on the Liberation War of Bangladesh. This book is a simile of a history book. But it’s not make the readers boring. It was sold a lot as a war based book in Ekushey Boi Mela for three times.

Let’s get some necessary information about this novel:

Book Name : Jochna O Jananir Golpo

Bengali Name :   জোছনা ও জননীর গল্প

Author : Humayun Ahmed

Genre : Novel

Language : Bengali

Publish in : February 2004

Publisher : Annyaporkash

Pages : 527

ISBN : 9848682767

Now discuss the real characters of this novel:

i) Sheikh Mujibur Rahman : The father of our Nation.

ii) Ziaur Rahman : Head of the Z force.

iii) Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani : A great politician.

iv) Ayub Khan and Yeahia Khan : Rulers of West Pakistan.

Now get the imaginary characters of this novel :

i) Irtazuddin

ii) Shahed

iii) Asmani

iv) Runi

v) Naimul

vi) Gourang & many more.

Story in Brief

The novel started with Irtazuddin who is a school teacher in Nilganj. He has a brother named Shahed who lives in Kashempur with his wife Asmani & daughter Runi. One day Irtazuddin came to Dhaka for some official works and also meet to his brother. When he came to Dhaka it was February 1971.

Shahed & his wife mostly quarrels with each other that’s why she become angry & left her house with her daughter & took shelter in her relatives or friends house. After some days later the war is began. So Asmani can’t back to her home and they become separated.

Shahed’s friend Naimul got married but he wants to participate in the war so he left his newly wed wife alone to take training for the war. Through this war Gourang the another friend of Shahed who lost his family and become alone. The war slowly spread out and reached also Nilganj.

The military torched the common people a lot & they killed them atrociously. They also killed Irtazuddin because he refused to lead them in Jumuar prayer. The war become more serious so Asmani has to leave her friend’s house & she took shelter in a camp. There she meet with Naimul. He helps her a lot.

If we told about Naimul he fights a lot for his country and he destroyed many military camp. In this novel the writer not only present the real characters like Bangabandhu, Ziaur Rahman, Ayub Khan, Bhashani & their contribution in the war but also present his own experience of this war. He wrote down all the incidents till the victory.

After the situation get normal Asmani back to Shahed’s home safely. But through this war Naimul died for his country. He can’t keep his promise that he will come back to his family. He is a symbolic character. He represents all of our freedom fighters.

Like them he lies peacefully  on his motherland. It contains him itself. Because of this war many people lost their home, family, husband, children, their identity, wealth, relatives. Instead of our  freedom fighters blood and these common people’s sacrifice we achieve our victory.

Jochna O Jananir Golpo PDF Download

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