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Kobi PDF Download Free by Humayun Ahmed. “Kobi” is written by Bangladeshi popular fiction writer and filmmaker Humayun Ahmed. “Kobi” is also written Tarasangkar Bandapadhyay. But the subject matters of the two books is not same. In two books, only the name is similar. Otherwise the two books deal with different subject.

Humayun Ahmed’s “Kobi” is first published in 1996. The written price of the book is 300 taka. The book has 278 pages. The book is designed by Somor Majumdar. The book is published by Kakoly Prokasoni. The book is about to catch the moonlit flowers, achieve to great attitude for desire. The book is also about to see the life very closely by avoiding social affairs. Humayun Ahmed uses some poems in this novel. It is a contemporary novel.

Atahar, Sajjad and Majid are three bosom friends. They make a plan to lead their life as a bohemian. They want to come over the obstacles of family. So they are indifferent to their family. They always try to find out the beauty of life.

At first of the novel, we see Atahar who tries to flee away from his family. His father Rashid Ali is a retired teacher. He does tuition to maintain the family. Atahar mother is hospitalized. Atahar leads a carefree life. He wants to save him from his father scolds.

He goes out from his house without taking breakfast for Saving himself. His sister Monika lives in abroad with his husband. There Monika lives but couldn’t find peace. Otherwise she sends money for maintaining the family without her husband’s permission. Atahar goes to his friend Sajjad’s house.

Sometimes he takes breakfast in his friend’s house. He tries to write poem. He visits sometimes literature lover Gony Mia. Atahar brother, Forhad does not able to write on exam paper for his forgetfulness mind. In this night, Rashid Ali becomes fire on Farhad and Rashid Ali dies by stroke.

Atahar becomes lonely. Mily gets married and Farhad goes with mily in her husband’s house. In early Atahar is a bohemian. After free from family bondage, he becomes more free. He spends night in Sajjad’s house. He likes Sajjad’s sister Nitu. She also likes Atahar.

Sajjad’s father is a good man. He depresses about his wife. Sajjad does not tolerate this matter. His mother’s attitude influences him. Sajjad also tries to write poem. But his poem does not publish. So he makes an arrangement to harras Gony Mia.

Sajjad is introduced an model Kona. But he doesn’t express his love to Kona for her social distance. Sajjad’s father arranges a job for Sajjad but he cannot settle there. Actually he is another bohemian. And his mother’s attitude influences him that makes his life very useless.

Day by day, Sajjad addicts with drug. His father sends him a hospital. When he becomes free from danger, Sajjad and Atahar visit to another friend, Majid. He wants to bohemian also. But he doesn’t make his life as bohemian for his livelihood. He goes to a place as a history teacher.

Here he is a lodging master in a house. His student Jaheda falls in love with him and he cannot avoid it. He accepts this proposal and starts a marriage life. The book is special one for It’s simplicity and written quality. The writer of the book uses the great poem “Grihotagi Josna “. Above all, it is a well written book which should read every literature lovers.

Kobi PDF Download

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