Shesher Kobita PDF Download by Rabindranath Tagore

Shesher Kobita PDF Download by Rabindranath Tagore. “Sesher Kobita” is the most romantic novel by Rabindranath Tagore. Sesher Kobita maybe the the most romantic novel in the 19th century Bengali literature.The main theme of this novel is club and romanticism about man woman relationship. The main characters of this novel are Amit and Labonno.

There are some minor characters like Ketuki, Shovhhan Lal, the two sisters of Amit Roy, father of Labonno and so on. Physically this novel is a complete picture about the love relationship between Amit and Labonno. This noble contains about ten poems and as the ending poem the novel is titled Sesher kobita that the ending of the novel.

At the beginning of the novel, we see that Amit is is one of barrister and he is also a barrister from Oxford university. After returning home is his family decides to marry off him. He also has the desire to marry but can’t find the perfect bride for him.

He is a man of highly educated and thoughtful but in spite of having a lot of women around him he can’t get his desirable one. His two sister is so stylish and modern society’s lady, the name indicates their ways of modern life. He has an affair with a highly modern lady named Ketuki or Kedi.

Suddenly he visits Shillong for travelling. There he meets with Labonno the heroine of this novel. The intellectual qualities of Labonno make him so surprised. Suddenly he finds the perfect one for him. First he is so passionate and surprised to her but later it becomes true love feelings for Labonno.

There is also a lover named Shovanlal, who loves Labonno a lot but she has not that types of feeling for him. He is a perfect educated and intelligent man. Labonno’s father also desire to marry Labonno with Shovanlal.

Suddenly Labonno and Amit love each other but gradually she can understand that Amit is only a highly romantic man but he is not husband material at all. He is perfect for love and romanticism but there is no moderate ingredients in Amit for making a family and marriage.

Amit only feels romanticism and love, he makes a lot of poem for her and too many things which are the peak level of romanticism. In the novel the hero Amit uses a line to express his feeling for the heroine by saying a great English poet’s poem line “For the God sake, hold your tongue and let me love you”.

Another chapter in the novel Amit says about the two lady lover Labonno and Ketuki. Ketuki is the kept water in the pot but Labonno is like a Lake where his mind can swim. When their love affair is on the top level Ketuki inters there life. All things of their love are broken.

Labonna decides to marry off Shovanlal and Amit is with Ketuki. Such a way there love is destroyed at the end of the novel. Then Labonno sends him a marriage invitation card to Amit with the poem Sesher kobita.

The novelist at last destroys the love affairs of Amit and Labonno that she indicates at the beginning of the novel. Amit the great romantic man who has already a relationship but he can’t hide his passion for Labonno. Such short description can’t describe the greatness of this great novel of Rabindranath Tagore. So every literature lover should read this novel, so that they can observe the most beautiful and romantic novel forever.

Sesher Kobita PDF Download

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