Shonkhonil Karagar PDF Download Free by Humayun Ahmed

Shonkhonil Karagar PDF Download Free by Humayun Ahmed. Shonkhonil Karagar is a novel written by Humayun Ahmed. It was his second book after his debut novel Nondito Noroke. It is one of the most readable book of Humayun Ahmed. A movie was also made in Bangladesh with the same title. In this novel the writer uphold the middle class families ups & downs.

Now get some important information about the novel

Book Name : Shonkhonil Karagar

Author : Humayun Ahmed

Genre : Novel

Language : Bengali

Publisher : Anyaprokash

Publish in : 1973

Pages : 85

Let’s know the characters of the novel:

i) Khoka

ii) Rabeya

iii) Montu

iv) Runu

v) Jhunu

vi) Kitki

vii) Ninu

viii) Shirin Sultana

ix) Azhar Hossain

x) Abid Hossain & many more.

Story in Brief

Humayun Ahmed¬† naming this book according to the name of Rafiq Kaiser’s poem Shonkhonil Karagar. The speaker of this novel is Khoka. They are six siblings Rabeya, Khoka, Runu, Jhunu, Montu & Ninu. The novel started with the house named Kara kanon.

In this house Azhar Hossain lived as a paying guest. The daughter of this house Shirin Sultana she used to sing songs at the roof. She has a daughter from her first husband Abid Hossain. Her daughter name is Rabeya. Azhar Hossain loved to hear the songs of Shirin & fall in love with her.

Finally they got married but Shirin¬† was not happy may be she still can’t forget the first marriage. She always stay alone. She never loves her children also. Without Rabeya no one get her love. When it’s time to get birth Ninu Shirin was dead. After that incident Rabeya & Khoka they are become very close they share all of their happiness & sorrowness.

Khoka loves her cousin sister Kitki & he thinks that she also loves him but one day she got married with other man. On the other hand Rabeya was not Azhar’s real daughter but he loves her a lot. That’s why he brought many make up kits & glowing cream because her skin color is black.

Because of her skin color no one wants to marry her & she has no hope that she will get married. Then she completed her study & get a job in a school far from her home. Montu the other sibling he always busy in his own world. He writes poem. Sometimes his poem publish in newspaper.

The another sibling Runu when it’s time to her marriage some confusion created & the groom got married with Jhunu. After that incident Runu became mentally depressed & one day she died. All members of this family busy with their own life. They just stay together but lot of distance among them.

They behave like stranger. As like prisoners suffer from loneliness in jail khoka’s feeling just same. They all created an invisible wall around themselves & this invisible wall called Shonkhonil Karagar.

Shonkhonil Karagar PDF Download

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