Ekushe February PDF Download by Zahir Raihan

Ekushe February PDF Download by Zahir Raihan. “Ekushe February” is written by Zahir Raihan. By “Hajar Bochor Dhore”, we know him. In his novel he uses his short hand style. But his words is very powerful. The book has 80 pages. Onupam Publisher published the book.

The book is about our great mother language revolution. In this novel the characters belong to 1952s.
The farmer’s son Gofur likes a village girl. He proposes her to marry by his guardians. Their marriage is confirmed.

Gofur comes to city for buying some marriage materials and cosmetics. Taslim is the another character of the novel. He involves Himself in politics. For this reason, his father’s promotion is stopped. That is why his family members annoyed with him.

Taslim likes her cousin Salma. But he does not express his love to Salma. Anowar Hossain is a poet. But, for life’s necessity,he joins in a office in lower post. He does not satisfied with his life. In his life, he always feels poverty. Mokbul is the another character of the novel.

He has a lot in his life. He always tries to expand his business. He does not spend his time in his family. Selim is a rickshaw puller in the novel. He tries to buy a rickshaw. In his life, he has a lot of dreams.

Gofur comes to Dhaka and sees procession in his life at first time. To see the procession, everyone of the city becomes hopeless. They are indifferent to their work. The family members of Taslim and Salma try to understand Taslim about the bad effect of politics.

Gofur becomes surprised to see the hartal. The shop of the city becomes stop for the hartal. Taslim rides to Selim’s rickshaw and talks about the hartal and the necessity of the hartal. The next day the hartal will be observed.

So Anowar Hossain wants to resign the job for observing the and to save theirs mother tounge. Anowar becomes mentally depressed about his old past and his new future. On 21 February, Taslim goes out and Salma tries to say something that on this day something will be happened which will be bad for him. In this situation, Taslim wants to express his love but he cannot.

The rich man Mokbul puts words to his wife for going outside on this day. The next day 21 February, all the work starts. Mokbul’s wife goes out in her car. Poet Anowar goes to observe hartal. The university students start a meeting on the premises of the University. They breaks out the law of 144.

They start a procession with ten members. The police arrest them. But the police becomes fear for arresting them. On the direction, the police throws gas and fires on them. Everything is silent. Taslim’s father comes to the spot to take away the dead body.

He finds his own son’s dead body. He becomes silent to see the dead body. Anowar Hossain, Gofur,selim, Taslim die on the procession. We get our mother tongue but we give blood for the language. Every year we go to Shahid Minar to show respect on them with flowers. 21 February is a such of day which does not run out anytime.

Ekushe February PDF Download

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