Bisbrikkho PDF Download by BankimChandra Chattopadhyay

Bisbrikkho PDF Download by BankimChandra Chattopadhyay. “Bisbrikkho” is the four number novel by greatest novelist BankimChandra Chattopadhyay. This mobile is written at the time of of the transitional period of society when polygamy and widow marriage was a beginning question of that time. 

The writer tries to convince readers about the bad effect of polygamy and widow marriage, because that time widow marriage is getting allowed by aristocrat society. The main characters of this novel are Chandramukhi, Nagendra Datta, Surjomukhi, komolmoni ,Taracharon etc. The main purpose of writing this novel raises awareness in society.

At the beginning of the novel Narendranath Datta of a local landlord visits far from Kolkata in a place where he meets kunda Nandini a teenage girl .The girl is so innocent and helpless, so that Nagendranath decides to take her in Kolkata t to his own  younger sister named komolmoni.

Through a letter Nagendra says about kunda Nandini to his wife Surajmukhi. Surajmukhi requests her husband for bringing kundu in their house.  Then Surjomukhi decides to marry off kundonandi with her a far brother Taracharan. Later Taracharan marries kunda Nandini.

But after very few years kundo becomes a widow. She again returns in the house of Nagendra and Surjomukhi. Thistime Nagendra becomes addicted to the fabulous and marvelous beauty of the Nandini. He falls in love with her. Kundo also falls in love with Nagendra.

Surjomukhi notices all, at the same time the characterless landlord of Debipur Devendra falls in love with Kundonandi. He sends his faithful servant Haridasi in the guise of a beggar in the house of Narendra.The begger gives her bad proposal. Hiradasi a servent of Surjomukhi Notices all and says to Surjomukhi.

She chids kundo for that. Kundonandi wants to commit suicide but that time she can’t die. Then kunda Nandini escapes from house. Nagendra feels so sad for kundonandi and becomes so angry on Surjomukhi. This situation Surjomukhi frustrated. After searching her she brings her in house.

She gives her husband hand to kundo and they become married. After marriage Surajmukhi leaves the house forever. Then Hiradasi starts to doing bad behaviour with Kundo as well as Nagendra begins to miss his wife Surjomukhi. He becomes cruel to kundonandi.

As soon as possible Narendra goes to search his wife Surjomukhi. Surjomukhi becoms ill in the way of her and a great man gives her shelter and aids her to survive. That time Narendra Dutta totally neglect Kundonandi and leaves her alone in his Jomidari house. He is searching to and fro for his wife Surjomukhi.

At last Nagendra Datta fined his wife Surjomukhi and brings her in house again. Soon the illusion of Nagendra towards kundonandi becomes disappear and kunda Nandini becomes alone and helpless. On the other hand kunda is waiting for her husband but canno’t get him again. She loses her husband forever.

Once morning kunda Nandini committes suicide drinking poison. Actually kunda Nandini does not commit suicide by drinking poison. The faithful servant of Surjomukhi mixes poison of her food and feeds her. So, such a way the suffering and miserable life of kundonandi becomes end. This beautiful and remarkable novel not only gives pleasure but also a good lesson for the readers.

Bisbrikkho PDF Download

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