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Shariful Hasan is a popular writer in Bangladesh. At present, his fame can be heard in the world of literature. Many of his novels have been well received by readers. He presents the content of his novel to the readers in a way that is easily understood by the readers.

Some of his notable thriller novels are quite well known. The content presented by Shariful Hasan in front of everyone is so complex that no other writer dares to write in this genre. “Samvala” is a famous thriller novel written by him.

“Samvala” is one of Shariful Hasan’s thriller novels. Many people put this novel in many categories. Some even consider it a mythical, fantasy and adventure novel. The book was first published in 2012. The third edition was released in 2014. Dylan covers the book. The book is published by Batighar Publishing. The book has a total of 752 pages. The printed price of the book in the current market is 504 rupees.

Story Summary

“Samvala” is a great mystery and adventure novel. Tension can be noticed in every line of the novel. The novel is based on a fantasy as well as adventure thriller. This book is also called Trilogy. The trilogy is mainly divided into three parts. From that point of view, “Samvala” is divided into three parts. Namely: ‘Samvala’, ‘Samvala Second Journey’ and ‘Samvala Last Journey’.

Although divided into three parts, the content remains the same. Below I have briefly highlighted some of the three parts. If you want to know the whole thing, you must read the book.


Samvala is basically a fog to some and faith to others. Samvala is a strange man here. That path has been going on for thousands of years. On the other hand, the devotee of Satan is his devoted force. And the ordinary son Rashed. He has to flee from the police for the crime of killing his friend.

Sambhala Second Journey

A thousand-year-old traveler has set out in search of Sambala. Behind him again is his eternal rival. Dr. Carson and Dr. Arefin are in the same job. They also went out to look for Sambhala. Meanwhile, the police are harassing Rashed to find him. Rashed is also involved in rescuing the hidden treasure. If you want to save your friend, you have to find that hidden treasure.

Last journey to Sambhala

Dr. Arefin arrives in Tibet in search of Samvala. But when he came to Tibet, he disappeared. Rashed also appears in Tibet with a friend to find him. Everyone’s only goal here is to find Sambhala. Famous traveler Lakhania has reached Tibet in search of Samvala. But he is not far behind his rival.

We find many things in this novel. There are many mysteries to be solved in this novel. “Samvala” is Shariful Hasan’s first original novel. As his first original novel, he has presented adventure, thriller, mystery, hidden treasure mystery, Samvala’s quest in a way that has easily won the hearts of the readers. Once readers begin reading, they cannot get up without finishing. So those who have not read it yet, download it from our website for free.

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