Koyekti Mrittu PDF Download by Zahir Raihan

Koyekti Mrittu PDF Download by Zahir Raihan. “Koyekti Mrittu” is a novel of Zahir Raihan. Zahir Raihan is not only litterateur but also a story teller, journalist, film maker. The novel is published by Anupam publication. It is a eternal novel. The page number of the book is 28. The written price of the book is 60 taka.

At first in novel we see an old character whose name is Ahmod Ali Sheikh. He got a house in Bangladesh in 1947. Then he lives here with his family. He is satisfied with his family. He has four sons and one daughter. His son’s wives are good. They always behave as good girl.

He is also satisfied with his grandchildren. He reads newspaper daily. He finds his son’s news in the newspaper. Because they are lawyer, businessman, engineer. One day his one and only daughter Amena comes to his house with his maternal uncle and aunt. Her husband does not come for vacation.

Ahmod Ali Sheikh becomes very surprised to see them. Johora khatun introduces her brother’s wife with her son’s wives. The sons wives see Amena very humorously because she is pregnant. They inform her that Shafi vai married off a girl.

To hear the news she becomes hopeless. But at next she becomes strong. In outside, Ahmod Ali Sheikh gossips with Mofiz about his sons profession. At this moment, two cousins Rosul and Pachi enter into the house. To see them, the grandfather scolds them.

Then Johora khatun comes to them for feeding them in night. Mofij and his wife in that night leave the house for Chattagram. The owner of the house becomes asleep in that night. He sees a horrible dream. By the same dream, his father and uncle died in. He becomes afraid.

All of the members come to the room. They know the dream and they think that someone will die in that night. The eldest son Monsur observes that he does many bad work for his family. He wants to say prayer to Allah. For this reason, his wife makes a quarrel with him. In another room, the next son Ahsan calculates his money.

His wife wants to know about the insurance. To hear this type of question, he becomes angry. The next son Mokbul also quarrel about after his death what he marries off or what not. Rosul and Pachi sit on the roof of the house. They sit here at mid night now and then.

Rosul doesn’t care about the explanation of the dream. Pachi brings cigarette for Rosul ans Rosul takes it. Pachi becomes fear about the death of someone of the family. The smallest son Samsu thinks about his death. For four or five months he becomes sick.

Then Ahmod Ali Sheikh sees the same dream at night. He wakes up and sees that his wife Johora khatun saying prayer to Allah for saving the family members. At this moment, the home servant Abdul screams loudly. His wife is about to die.

Actually his wife, get birth two child. Everyone of the family becomes happy to see the moment. Ahmod Ali Sheikh goes to clean himself for Azan. In spite of a small novel, it has a deep thought and good subject matter.

Koyekti Mrittu PDF Download

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