Padma Nadir Majhi PDF Download by Manik Bandopadhyay

Padma Nadir Majhi PDF Download by Manik Bandopadhyay. ‘’Padma Nodir Majhi’’ is one of the most famous novels in Bangla literature. It is also one of the most widely read and discussed novels that is translated in several languages worldwide. Manik Bandopadhyay, a popular novelist in Bangla literature who have written a few popular novels, is also the writer of this famous novel.

The novel has been started publishing in 1934 in a magazine named ‘’Purbasha’’. Next it has been published as a book in 1942. Hirendronath Mukhopadhyay for the first time translated the novel in English in 1948. It is the most translated novel in many languages including foreign languages in India.

‘’Padma Nodir Majhi’’ is so popular that it has been filmed in many times. It has been filmed twice in Bangladesh. And also, India made film on it.

The background of the story is Faridpur and Bikrompur in Bangladesh. The story is based on the life of poor fishermen living in very dirty, unclean and unhealthy villages named Ketupur and nearer villages.

The central characters of this story are Kuber and Kopila. And the other main supporting characters are Hussain Mia, Rasu, Dhananjaya, Mala, Pritom, Aminuddin, Rosul, Fatema etc. The main Character Kuber who is a poor boatman and fisherman struggled too much in his life to support his family.

The other main character Kopila is his sister-in-law. She always tries to get attention of Kuber. On the other hand, Kuber’s marriage life is not so happy. His wife Mala is a physically paralyzed woman. Her legs are crippled that’s why she gets problem walking and doing household works. That’s why he also gets attracted to Kopila.

Kuber who was a fisherman and boatman of the Padma River used to work with his friend Ganesh. Then we can see the struggling life of the boatmen of Padma. Kopila who is the sister of Mala, left his husband house and came to his fathers’ home.

She came to pay a visit to her sister’s house for a few days. Kopila tried to influence Kuber and enjoyed it. Kuber also got attracted to her. A few days later we find another character who flew from an isolated Island named Moynadip. It is situated very from the man living places.

Hussain Mia was the owner of the Island. Hussain Mia is also a important character in the novel. At last Kuber left his village and went to Moynadip with Kopila.

The novel has been added in the syllabus in Bangla literature for the H.S.C. students.

Padma Nadir Majhi PDF Download

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