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Shabnam PDF Download by Syed Mujtaba Ali. Shabnam is one of the most romantic novel in Bengali literature. There are a lot of romantic novels in Bengali literature world but Shabnam is the most unique in the style of writing, expression, and character design plot construction and so on.

Syed Mujtaba Ali is the writer of this unique and different novel. Setting of the novel is Afghanistan and the capital city of the country. Shabnam is the name of the heroine of this novel and Majnun is a Bengali man who lives there for his teaching profession.

Shabnam is the princess of the Afgnistan, but Majnun doesn’t know that at first. Majnun once visits to a dancing bar where he meets a girl named Shaman. At first sight of him, both falls in love with each other but nobody knows about other.

Sometimes it seems that this novel is a poetic novel because this novel contains a huge number of poems. The situation and place are completely different in the novel because of setting and different cultures of Afghanistan. There are a lot of beautiful and surprising quotes of this novel that are totally absent in Bengali literature.

Not only dialogues of the novel but also a poetic environment makes the novel a new sensation to the readers. How an Afgnistani princess can falls in love with such a common Bengali man that is surprising. This romantic love story is not common at all.

After falling in love they involves a love relationship and Shabnam convinces Majnun the hero of this novel, for marriage. First time they marry in secret. The time there is a revolution continuous in Afghanistan. The revolvers want to destroy the family of king’s.

After secret marriage Shabnam visits in Turkey with his father. During this time Majnun feels so pain and insecurity for Shabnam and the absence of Shabnam gives him the pain of love. After returning from Turkey, Shabnam meets again.

Before leaving Shabnam says her most influential dialogue in the novel that, “You don’t make a habit of a life without me”. This types of speech is the rarest elements in literature. Second time they marry each other with family support.

When there becomes close to each other in the day of marriage that time the romanticism is highly influential and rarest. Majnun describes the beauty of Shabnam that is totally different and literature lover never observe before. Shabnam the most beautiful princess he thinks and he gives the total description of every single things of Shabnam including skin color, eyes, hair and soon.

The most beautiful lady but his personality is most charming for falling in love to every man. Her personality attacks Majnun so much. The revolvers come to the house of Shabnam and brings her in the place of unknown that nobody knows.

Before leaving the house Shabnam keeps a message promising him that she will come back home. People all around from Afghanistan are sent for searching Shabnam but there is not any good news about Shabnam. Majnun also tries his best for Shabnam but it seems like that there is no existence of Shabnam in this world. Such a way twenty years is passed but Shabnam is not found at all. And this tragedy is the end of this marvelous novel.

So, if literature lovers want to taste a different type of novel, they must read this novel. Because, such a wonderful novel is not only a common novel but also the masterpiece in the history of Bengali literature.

Shabnam PDF Download

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