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Kapalkundala PDF Download by BankimChandra Chattopadhyay. “Kapalkundala” is one of the greatest romantic novel in Bengali literature by BankimChandra Chattopadhyay. This novel is about triangular love among the three main characters Nabo Kumar, kapalkundala and Padmabati.

BankimChandra Chattopadhyay first writes successful Bengali novel “Durgesh Nandini”. Kapalkundala brings the new dimension in Bengali literature the branch of novel.

At the beginning of the novel, Nabon Kumar visits to voyage with his some fellow. There ship becomes losted besides a forest. They need some ingredients but nobody agree to go to forest. Only Nabo Kumar agrees to go to forest for the ingredients. Nabo kumar becomes so late that his fellows leave that place without him.

NaboKumar is caught by a kapali thakur, a black magician who wants to devote Nabokumar’s life for his worship of devil. Kapali thakur raises of child named kapalkundala who saves the life of Naboakumar from kapali thakur and they together escape from forest.

NaboKumar marries kapalkundala and brings her in his house from forest life. Kapalkundala falls in love with Nabokumar and he is also, when they are in forest. Before kapalkundala, Naboakumar has already a wife padmavati.

Padmawati is kidnapped by the Mughal king and later she begins to live in the palace of mughal’s there she has a lot of fame for his glamour and intelligent. For this event for Padmabati is rejected by Nabokumar. Many years later when Naboakumar brings kapalkundala to him, suddenly he meets with her.

After many time, meeting her husband she feels forl him so passionate. She becomes jealous against kapalkundala and takes an oath that she will make success on his husband but again she is rejected. Kapalkundala is a romantic novel as well as the shelter in the history.

It can be said that, the writer takes shelter of history to design this novel for making the the story significant the writer keeps the characters from history only for the necessity of the plot but the main theme of this novel is romantic love story.

In this novel, we can get some minor characters who also give some extra beauty in this novel like the love between Mehrunissa and Prince Shah shuja. Before kapalkundala only meets her forest father but never see anybody in civilized world after coming from forest with her husband she canno’t adjust herself such an urban area. So gradually she makes many mistakes but she tries a lot to maintain family.

After writing Durgesh Nandini the writer decides to write about a girl who is a foundling from the remote area, completely from city life an innocent and sinless girl. To ruin the conjugal life of kapalkundala and Naboakumar Padmabati visits the village Saptagram.

On the other hand, the kapalika visits Saptagram in search of kapalkundala. Padmabati meets kapali Thakur, the promise each other to destroy the happiness of kapalkundala’s life. Padmavati visits to kapalkundala in the guise of a man and request begs her husband from her.

On the other hand The Kapil thakur shows Nabokumar that kapalkundala hugs a man, actually Padmabati. Then, Naboakumar brings kapalkundala to Kapali and devotes her. Being unfaithful kapalkundala jumps over the river saying that the man is his first wife. Understanding his mistakes he also jump over the river for searching her but can’t find kapalkundala at all.

This is the tragic end of Kapalkundala. Unfaithful and jealousy ruin her life. So such a novel should read every book lover so that they can observe the actual test and beauty of a classic novel.

Kapalkundala PDF Download

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