The Alchemist PDF Download by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist PDF Download by Paulo Coelho. “The Alchemist” is the masterpiece writing of the modern Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho. This novel is the best motivational book ever. How a rural shepherd will reach the pick of the success. The protagonist of the novel is Santiago, a boy of Spain, who becomes a wanderer and a sheep rearing shepherd.

The novel is the most selling book in the world. This masterpiece novel is translated about 80 types languages. Through a simple story about a common boy, the writer describes a deep philosophy of life. If human being tries his best, he will reach the goal of his life. The life is full of events that destroy time to reach the goal of success but at last human beings can do it.

At the beginning of the novel, a you boy named Santiago lives in a village in Spain, who leads his life as a wanderer and rearing sheep. One night he dreams that a boy gets Treasure-trove in Egypt. Several times he dreams that and goes to a prophet lady who predicts that he will get Treasure-trove in Egypt one day and she wants a part of property from treasure-trove.

Santiago agrees with her and decides to go Egypt. He sells his all sheep and collects money for going Egypt in search of treasure-trove. In the way of his goal, the guide boy cheats him and escape from there with his all money. Losing money, he is compelled to take a job in a Cristal shop.

Before journey, he meets a man who describes himself as a king of Salem. He gives him two stones named Urim and Khurim. The king says him that both stones helps him to reach his success. At first he decides to not go but his circumstances asks Santiago to go Egypt.

A common boy who sleeps under Saimun tree and in a old broken Church. But he is brave enough to visit to his dream. Life gives us a lot of changes, but few can use this properly. While he works in the Christal shop, for his brilliant works the shop becomes so much developed in only one year.

After one year, Santiago collects money and goes again to Africa. Where he leaves Tangania to Africa he meets with a two hundred years old man who is a gypsy. That time he experiences some magical moments. The gypsy has the power of mind reading and can make anything into gold.

After leaving him, he meets with a English man who helps Santiago to go Egypt. In Africa he meets a lady named Fathema, he falls in love with her and says her about treasure-trove. Fatima says Santiago that she will wait for him until finishing his work.

At last, he can able to go Egypt and finds his place of treasure-trove. He starts to dig there. Suddenly a stranger comes there and laugh at him and says he also does like him one year ago and a man says him that Treasure-trove is situated at the living place of Santiago, the broken Church.

Now Santiago can understand everything about treasure-trove. He returns to Spain to his place ,digs that place and finds his long cherish able treasure-trove.

Such a wonderful noble is actually rare in the history of literature. So every literature lover should read this novel to observe the deep philosophy of life and should take proper lesson from the novel “The Alchemist”.

The Alchemist PDF Download

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