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Olatchokro PDF Download by Ahmed Sofa. “Olatchokro” is a famous novel of Bangladeshi thoughtful writer Ahmed Sofa. The writer dedicated the book to Peter Zebitso. The book is first published in 1993. Mutodhara Prokasoni published the book. This is a eternal type of book. The book is written on our Liberation War and Indian refugee camp’s conditions.

Daniyel Da comes to visit an Bangladeshi patient in a hospital. By the help of ward boy Gabinda he finds the patients whose name is Tayeba. She becomes very happy to see her. She makes a story about Daniel da that he is a brilliant student and will go to aboard for higher education.

Tayeba gets introduce to doctor Mayti. Tayeba request Daniel da for eating rice and fish. Tayeba is a critical patients and his physical condition is so bad.

Daniel da comes back to hostel. Actually his home district is Chattagrar. For the liberation war he transfers from his county to Kolkata. In hostel, Naresh gets introduce to Azad and Hironmoy. Daniel Informs Naresh about Tayeba. Naresh gives money to Chitto for cooking rice and fish for Tayeba.

The liberation war makes life haphazard. In morning, all the members come back to hostel. In noon, Daniel goes to hospital with taking food. Tayeba gifts him some things. Then doctor Mayti comes and help her to eat. Mayti invites Daniel in his house. In the evening, Daniel goes to Mayti’s house. They talk about Tayeba’s disease. Tayeba is infected by “lykemia” she will die after few days.

Next morning, Daniel comes to visit Tayeba. He meets with Jahidul and Dora,Tayeba’s sister and husband. Jahidul and Dora leaves the hospital and Daniel helps her to change her dress. Tayeba requests him that he can apologies to Dora.

Daniel comes back to hostel. Here the other members of the hostel talk about Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. They does not support Sheikh Mujibur work. Then, Daniel comes to Orchona’s house. Orchona is his friend. They talk about Tayeb. Then, Orchona’s brother Sunil da comes and talks about Liberation war.

They are very optimistic about the war. The next day, Daniel visits to hospital and meets with Tayeba’s others family members. He goes to Tayeba’s grandfather house. Here he talks to Tayeba’s uncle about the liberation war. Tayeba’s uncle is the opponent character of the war. Suddenly, Daniel friend’s Rezwan hangs on because his daughter gets married a Pakistani Major.

Tayeba informs Daniel that she loves him very much. But she cannot express her love for her disease. On 14 August, Daniel meets with Promodbabu who comes form France to see the liberation war. In that time, Daniel finds out a work for money. Because, he has to afford some consumption.

The gets a job for translating editorial. In spite of he does not this type of work, but for his necessity he agrees to do the work. He visits to Tayeba and she puts a demand that she will go to outside. But her physical condition becomes worse day by day. India helps East Pakistan to become successful. After 3 day, when Daniel visits to Tayeba he is informed that Tayeba belongs to her life in last stage.

On 4th December, India strats fighting againt Pakistan. The whole India becomes dark for load-shedding. On that night,Tayeba breathes her last time. Tayeba had a great desire to see the independence country. But, it was her bad luck. Above all it is great novel on our Liberation War.

Olatchokro PDF Download

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