Ali Kenaner Utthan Patan PDF Download by Ahmed Sofa

Ali Kenaner Utthan Patan PDF Download by Ahmed Sofa. “Ali Kenaner Utthan Patan” is written by Bangladeshi thoughtful writer Ahmed Sofa. The book is first published in 1988. The writer dedicated the book to Shri Chittaranjan Saha. The book is published by Khan Brothers and Company Prokasani.

At first in the novel, Ali kenan leads his life by begging. But he was a pion of a governor at first in the novel. Actually he does not deserve the job. But when the governor visits Ali kenan’s village at Tamapukur in Bhola, people try to hurt the governor for his bad work.

In this situation, Ali Kenan saves the governor life. For this reason, he gets the job. After getting job, he becomes fearless. He doesn’t care anybody.  He also avoid the minister Wazir Hossain. For his powerful job purpose his brothers becomes fearless also.

They occurs any type of forceful work in their village for the power of Ali kenan. But unfortunately, Ali losses his job. He leads a miserable life. He loses his hostel for unable to pay money. Then he starts a begging life.

After losing his job, he does not come back his village. Because he thinks that if he goes to village, the villagers will harm to his family. In his first begging life, he earns thirteen taka to follow an extraordinary way. He spends night in Fultoli’s graveyard. One day he gives some food to a dog.

Ali Kenan becomes the master of the dog. He takes the dog when he goes out for begging. He feels the necessity of   a person who takes care the dog. Fortunately he gets a boy to live with his and takes care the dog.  

His broad-mind thinks about many subjects. He sets up a house to live with the dog and boy. Day by day, he becomes the master of 7 persons. Many people comes to him for getting help of Ali Kenan. Became men are helpless. In their daily life, they falls in many problems. He goes out for begging with his seven people. They also visits some majars.

In that times, Ali Kenan’s power is revealed out. One day a woman and her sister come to him and begs his shelter. Ali kenan gives them shelter. Actually Ali kenan is a fraud man. He learns many things from the local Imam and a blind begger.

One day, on friday the members of Ali kenan start a song with the permission of Kenan in Nimtoli Majar,the khadem of the majar becomes angry and hurts Ali kenan and the members of the group. The next day Ali kenan calls up his people and explains his false dream that Baba Ali kondor orders him for getting the majar.

After a week they attack the majar and becomes the owner. The people of the area don’t against Ali kenan. They  abide by Ali kenan. With Ali Kenan mesmerizing power, the local people make a “Oros”. Ali Kenan becomes famous. 

Many young people come to him and spend night with him. At this time, the condition of country becomes worse. Ali kenan supports Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman.  On 25 march, the Pakistani army killed many people of Dhaka city.  He leaves his majar.  After liberation war he comes back to his majar.

He starts his majar again. He becomes the owner of huge amount of money.  A beautiful woman comes to his majar and wants Ali’s prayer.  But Ali Kenan infatuates on the woman. When the woman comes to him with her would-be-husband,   Ali Kenan becomes mad at night.

He throws his all money to the people in majar.  In the next morning, Ali Kenan takes a decision to go back his house. But he finds no money under his bed. On the day the Bangabandhu was killed. He has no Bangabandhu, he has no money, he has no power, and he has no people. This is the ups and downs of Ali Kenan.

Ali Kenaner Utthan Patan PDF Download

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