Puspo Brikkho O Bihongo Puran PDF Download by Ahmed Sofa

Puspo Brikkho O Bihongo Puran PDF Download by Ahmed Sofa. “Puspo,Brikkho O Bihongo Puran” is the best novel of Bangladeshi thoughtful writer Ahmed Sofa. The novel is first published in 1996. The novelist dedicated the book to Nazimuddin Mostan and Dr. Ahmed Kamal. Sondesh Prokasoni published the book. the written price of the book is  120 taka.

A house is rented for Ahmod Chofa. He does not go to house before shifting his property. So, the owner of the house visits to him and agrees to give his house to Ahmod Chofa. He goes to the house with Shushil and Idris.

The next day when the writer gets up from bed, he becomes surprised to the the environment of the house. Shushil find a  basil and noyontara tree. The are ready to care the tree. Actually the writer loves trees very much. Farjana proposes to Ahmod Chofa to plant rose tree. One day Shushil buys a  shrikes bird.     

The writer replays the answer when someone ask what is the name of the bird. The nature lover or the writer puts a existence where he lives in. The great philosopher Aristotle says that man is an active tree. The writer buys a grape and an Apple tree.

The grape tree is finished up for the bad weather.  The writer puts lime under the apple tree and the tree also destroyed. The mental condition of the writer is very bad for his work.

One day when he comes back house from outside he finds a brinjal plant. He plants the smal tree very carefully. Next day he buys some brinjal plant and plants them. He decides that he plants more brinjal plants on the volleyball ground. He buys more plant and plants them with the help of Nitu and Koyel. One day he digs the land but it doesn’t well. To see it, Mowlobi kuddus starts digging. The brinjal plant grows well day by day. 

One day he invites the plants seller, Ansal ali. Ansar Ali gives him some suggestions for cultivation. To hearing this, the writer brings compost fertilizer and uses it.  One day he finds, cattle disturb the plants. They make a fence for saving the plants. He replied very disturbingly Dr Millat for scolding him.

Ahmod Chofa introduces with Mostan. He gives him a book’A Road to life ‘. The next day Mostan comes to him and proposes him to establish a school for the street children. They set up a school.  Many of the colleges wife demands the vegetables . But the writer puts the vegetables for the street people. The next Friday, he summons all the colleges wife and arranges a picnic for the street children. To feed them, he becomes very happy.

When he visits his own house in village, he misses his plant.  He brought up them as his own children. He recollects his memories that his school teacher(Sardababu) was a nature lover man. He thinks that he gets the behavior to plants from his teacher.

Shushil buys a big cage for the shirkes. One day the bird flees away. The writer throws some food for the bird if it comes back. But the birds comes back some day with its friend. For the food thrown, another birds comes to eat the food.

One day they don’t   come. The writer observes that there is a quarrel between them as like it has in mankind. The writer becomes free to free the shrikes from his life. It is a best novel of Ahmod Chofa. Every literature lovers should read this lovely book.

Puspo Brikkho O Bihongo Puran PDF Download

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