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Lilaboti PDF Download Free by Humayun Ahmed. “Lilaboti” is the book of Bangladeshi famous and popular fictitious writer Humayun Ahmed. The book’s cover is designed by Masum Rahman. Humayun Ahmed dedicated the book his favorite writer Jibonanondo Das. Onnoprokash Prokasoni published the book in 2005.

The page number of the book is 240. The written price of the book is 500 taka. The writer of book involves the environment of his grandfather house which is situated in Mohonganj. There has a old house and the writer writes the book based on the environment. This is a contemporary novel.

In first of the novel we find Siddikur Rahman who walks on besides a rail line. The day is end and his two believable servants, Solaiman and Lokman, come to him for bringing back in his home. Siddikur Rahman is indifferent to his life.

In his early life, he marries Ayna banu. But his grandmother Fulbanu doesn’t like her. She always scolds Ayna and put on her in bad words. So Ayna leaves the house.

After one year, Ayna dies and Lilaboti born in her womb. Siddikur Rahman tries to get back Ayna but she does not agree to return the house. Meanwhile Siddikur Rahman gets marry second time. His second wife name is Ramila Khatun. She is a good woman and always tries to work hard in the family.

She looks after Siddikur Rahman’s grandmother. Fulbanu’s body becomes rotten and Siddiqur Rahman makes a room out of his house. One night, Fulbanu is passed away. Then, Ramila takes bath in the mid night in a pond and makes up her very beautifully.

After Siddiqur Rahman’s grandmother death she becomes mad. She also achieves for telling about the future of a person. She gets birth two girls (joitori, koitori) and one son, Masud. Joitori and Koitori learn from their home tutor, Anis. They don’t come to their mother.

For the madness of Ramila Begum, she is confined in a room. Masud spends night in his master house. She tries to become a musician. But he likes his master’s daughter. He falls in love with Pari banu. They gets married without knowing his father. Because his father doesn’t like this affair.

One day Siddikur Rahman ‘s daughter Lilaboti comes to visit her father with her uncle Monju. She wants to spend the house for a few days. Ramila Khatun observes that Lilaboti comes by her sense of telling future. Siddikur Rahman accepts her very warmly.

He wants that her daughter doesn’t come back from her life. Lilaboti becomes friendly in the family members. His uncle Monju also becomes friendly with Joitori and Koitori. Monju spends his time in a lonely place. For this reason, Siddiqur Rahman makes him the owner of the place.

Day by day Lilaboti understands Masud’s problem. He informs her all problem. Siddiqur Rahman gives permission for bringing her wife in the house. But, he tortures Masud also in mentally. For this reason, Masud hangs on himself. Lilaboti also introduces with home tutor Anis. They fall in love each other.

But, one day Anis is arrested for putting a revolver. Siddikur Rahman goes to thana for bringing back him. But Siddiqur Rahman also arrests for the interrogation. Lilaboti becomes lonely again. In her life he doesn’t find anyone to express her mental conditions. This is a well written novel of the writer. Every literature lover should read this book.

Lilaboti PDF Download

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