Moron Bilash PDF Download by Ahmed Sofa

Moron Bilash PDF Download by Ahmed Sofa. “Moron Bilash” is written by Bangladeshi novelist Ahmed Sofa. The novel is first published in 1989. The writer dedicated the book to Rashid Karim. The written price of the o book is 150 taka. The page number of the book is 87. Khan Brothers and Company published the book.

The story of the book starts at 12:13 am. The minister Fazle Ilahi is admitted into a hospital for his diseases. Mawla Box stays with him in the hospital at night everyday. The minister becomed annoyed to the president because he doesn’t come to visits in the hospital.

But, when the minister has become well,he meets with the president at least five times in a week. Malwa Box imagined that the minister health conditions become worse for the president coming. The minister chides her small daughter, Buri, who does not come to see him.

Fazle Ilahi declares to mawla box he will not give her any property. Fazle Ilahi becomes sure that he will die within the night. So he recollects his memories to Mawla Box. The minister becomes worried thinking about his next life. The Minister imagines that the stuff reporter of Fariyad newspaper, Kana Afzal will reaveals his all vices.

But Mawla Box confirms his that he will not write this type of news. Malwa box tries to encourage him. Fazle Ilahi recognises Mawla box as a flatterer. After sometimes, the minister behaves with Mawla box as his brother. Before his death , he reveals some bitter truths in his life which is happened in his life to Mawla Box in a short time.

The Minister recollects his early age. Malwa box wants to hear his all bad work. The minister’s father was a Sufi man. In the early age,the minister father spends four years in jail for destroying a Majar and killing a man for religious purpose. After four year, his mother died and the father of the minister marries off in second time.

The minister becomes jealous. He becomes careless and indifferent to his father. His step mom gives birth a son. Day by day the son becomes famous. The minister thinks that it is impossible to become father in sixty age. So Fazle Ilahi confirms that it is an illegal son. For his popularity and legality, Fazle Ilahi kills him by using poison.

The cousin of Fazle Ilahi lives in Rengun. His wife lives in Fazle’s area. Under the direction of cousin’s wife, he builds up an illegal relationship with his relatives. When his cousin back, his wife ends her life by suicide. Fazle Ilahi transfers from his village and lives in his father’s relatives house.

His again starts an illegal relationship with Chemon Bahar and goes to school. In this time, the teachers of the school make a difference between the hindu and Muslim students. Fazle Ilahi’s friend Abdul Baki makes a quarell in the school for religious purpose. At a situation he gets the fire in the Headmaster house. Then the Headmaster dies off.

Mawla Box becomes irritated to hear the example of bad work. He doesn’t want to know more from Fazle Ilahi. The minister gets understand Mawla Box about life in different way. The minister does many good work in his life. In the great kalkata killing mission, he saves a child from the place.

When all the apparatus come around him, the Child saves him. At the end of the night, the minister is passed away. Different types of men live in the world, they can make the life comfortable or complexity. This is the best book of Ahmod Chofa.

Moron Bilash PDF Download

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