Kracher Kornel PDF Download by Shahaduz Zaman

Kracher Kornel PDF Download by Shahaduz Zaman. ‘Kracher Kornel’ is a Bengali novel written by Bengali fiction writer Shahaduz Zaman. In spite of being a medical anthropologist and a physician he wrote over 30 books in different genres of literature. He wrote the novel ‘Kracher Kornel’ in 2009.

Maola brothers had published the book. This book is written about the biography of the great freedom fighter Kornel Abu Taher Bir Uttam. The writer depicts a picture of the whole life span of Kornel Taher. Readers will get to know about all of the notable events of his life.

They will notice the literary skill of the writer in every page of the book. But they will also notice that the writer did not try to exaggerate anything. The main character of this novel is Kornel Taher but the other characters are simultaneously vital.

The writer shows that Taher was very brave from his childhood. He did not allow any kind of ill practice in his surroundings. From this book readers will know about the remarkable period of bengali history which is very important for our national life.

Taher was a sector Commander during the liberation war in 1971. He completed all of his duties and responsibilities with bravery. He ovarcame all the difficulties with his sharp intelligence. He was the leader of the soldier movement of 7th November, 1975 which is known as “Sipahi-Janata andolon.”

From then 7th November is being celebrated as the National Revolution and Solidarity Day in evry year. The writer also describes how the murder of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the founder of liberal Bangladesh, took place, how the so called close ones planned and executed the murder of the father of Bengali nation.

In this book everything is described in a very understandable way. After getting the independence and the murder of Sheikh Mujib, the political environment of Bangladesh had been changed totally. The emergence of Bangladesh Samajtantrik dol had brought a new dimension in the politics of Bangladesh.

Kornel Taher formed this political party with a great hope. He dreamt of a new Bangladesh where everybody will get food to eat, place to live. He wanted to see a new Bangladesh where everybody will be blessed with the facility of education.

He wanted every citizen of Bangladesh to be able to enjoy the advantages of freedom. He started to work on it. He wanted the help of other leaders who led the nation during the Liberation war. Some of them promised him to help but most of them could not rely on his plan.

They did not take those plans seriously. Taher got disheartened. But he did not give up on his dream. He continued his work. Many people called him crazy but he was a dreamer. The writer of the ‘Kracher Kornel’ demonstrates the short journey of this dreamer in a very attractive way that melts the heart of the readers.

This novel also depicts the conspiracies that occurred in 1975-1976. It is a must read book for those who are willing to know the true history of the emergence of Bangladesh.

Kracher Kornel PDF Download

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