Pride and prejudice PDF Download by Jane Austen

Pride and prejudice PDF Download by Jane Austen. Jane Austen’s one of the best novel is “Pride and prejudice”. It is a classic novel of Jane Austen.

Mr and Mrs Bennet live in the village of Long bourn which is situated in the country of Hertfordshire. They have five daughters – Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine and Lydia.

Mrs Bennett’s chief desire in life is to see all her daughters sweetly married and happily settled. Mrs Bennet is informed a rich young man by the name of Mr Charles Bingley takes a house called Nether field Park on rent.  Mr Bingley begins to live in this house with his sister.

He has a friend by the name of Mr Darcy who joins him at Nether field Park for short stay. Mrs Bennet feels very happy to know that the new occupant of Nether field Park is a rich bachelor. She tells her husband that there is very possibility that Mr bingley would choose one of their daughters as his would be wife.

At the first assembly Mr Bingley asks Jane for a dance and she gladly accepts his request. Mr Bingley suggests to his friend Mr Darcy that the letters should not stand idle but should dance. He suggest Mr Darcy that should dance with Elizabeth Bennet who is sitting near by the seat.

However, he replies that this girl is not attractive enough to tempt him to dance with her. In fact, from this time onwards, she becomes prejudice against him. Mr Darcy on his part is a very proud man. Mr Bingley noticed that Jane is liked him.

For their family recognition, Jane goes to nether field park but catches cold on the way because it has been raining. Elizabeth and Mrs Bennet goes to Bingley’s house to see Elizabeth. After recovering her illness, she comebacks her house.

Next we see a change in Mr Darcy attitude to Elizabeth. One day Mr Bennet families became busy because a guest is coming to their house. The guest name is William Collins. Mr Collins will be the owner of the house after the death of Mr Bennet. Mr Collins propose of marriage to Elizabeth and Elizabeth rejected that.

Then, the other sister of the Bennet’s family makes a visit with Collins to another place. There they meet with soldier Mr Wickham. The other’s sister of the Bennet family like Mr Wickham. One day Wickham gossips with Elizabeth and he informs her that Mr Darcy e is a bad man.

He destroys Wickham’s life. When Elizabeth reject Mr Collins then Mr Collins proposes Elizabeth friend Charlotte Lucas. Without any confusion Charlotte agrees his proposal and they married off. Then Bingley informs that he will not pay a visit in Nether Field Park. Jane’s all visions is destroyed.

But Elizabeth suspects that Darcy breaks the relationship between Jane and Bingley. She also angry with Darcy depends on the information of Wickham. In that situation, Darcy proposed her again. But Elizabeth does not accept it.

In this time, Wickham flees with Lydia and demands a lot of money for marriage. Darcy provides him money. When Elizabeth knows the believable fact about Darcy, her all angers is vanished. In that time Elizabeth and Darcy meets and falls in love with each other. Bingley also came back and realizes that his love for Jane is real.

Accompanied by Mr Darcy, he now goes to Nether field Park and gets into touch with the Bennet family. He makes a proposal of marriage to Jane which she most gladly accepts.

Thus Mr. Darcy whose pride has by now completely melted away and Elizabeth whose prejudices have completely disappeared are united in wedlock. In fact, the marriage of Mr Darcy and Elizabeth takes place on the same day as the marriage of Mr Bingley and Jane.

Pride and prejudice PDF Download

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