Titas Ekti Nadir Naam PDF Download by Adwaita Mallabarman

Titas Ekti Nadir Naam PDF Download by Adwaita Mallabarman. Titas Ekti Nadir Naam is one of the famous novel of Adwaita Mallabarman. This book was published after his death. A movie was also made on the basis of this novel with the same title. This book is also translated into English and France language.

Let’s discuss some crucial informations about the novel :

Book’s English Name : A River Called Titash

Bengali Name : তিতাস একটি নদীর নাম

Author : Adwaita Mallabarman

Language : Bengali

Genre : Cassical Novel

Publish in : 1956

Pages : 441

Now get the characters of the novel

i) Gourango

ii) Nitango

iii) Basanti

iv) Kishore

v) Subol

vi) Ananta

vii Ramproshad & many more.

Story in Brief

The novel is started with the river named Titash & the people who lives at the riverside, their lifestyle, problems etc. The source of the river is Meghna. A river named Bijay is also flowing near the river. But only in the rainy season the river contains water. That’s why the riversides villagers faces many problem.

They can’t get enough food. They suffer from scarcity. In this village two brothers named Gourango & Nitango also suffer from starvation. Gourango lost his wife because of starvation. So his younger brother advised  him that they should work for Bodhoi malo who is quite rich.

By working there they came overcome their problems. At the riverside of Meghna a malo named Dinanath also lived with his daughter named Basanti. She has two friends named Kishore & Subol. One day Subol’s father died so he started to live with Kishore. He helps him in fishing.

Kishore’s father sent them in another village for fishing , there he saved a girl from some bad villagers so the parents of the girl get them married. When they returned at home by boat some bandits attack them & they took the bride with them. After that incident Kishore become mad.

On the other hand the bride somehow get rid of this problem, Gourango & Nitango find her at a sand spout. She has a son named Ananta. The young lady thought that her husband was killed by bandits. She doesn’t know about much about her husband she just knows his village name.

By the help of the old brothers she reached Bhabanipur. There she coincidentally meet with Basanti she was widow of Subol. To stay with Basanti one day she knows about Kishore & his story then everything become clear to her. From that day she keeps her eyes on him. In winter season Kishore’s condition become  worst.

Then she started take care of him. In the occasion of Dol when she went to coloured him then he uphold her by his arms. The villagers saw that & they think Kishore misbehaves with her. So they beat him badly. The next day he is dead. Some day later the young lady was also dead.

Then Ananta stay with Basanti but some reason he left the place & started his study. After completed his study when he returned he find that the fishermen divided into two group. Some malo’s joined into Jatradol. Ramproshad tried a lot to stop them but he failed.

Slowly the culture of fishermen evaporate. The condition of them become worst. On the other hand Basanti fights for wining  the hunger & she dreamed for betterment of her closed people.

Titas Ekti Nadir Naam PDF Download

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