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Deyal PDF Download Free by Humayun Ahmed. “Deyal” is the last novel of Bangladeshi famous writer Humayun Ahmed. The book is first Published in 2013. Onnoprokash Prokasoni published the book. But the book is first published as five part in Onnodin Paper. It is a historical novel.

The writer uses real characters in this book. He takes real name and real incidents of this time. The book becomes exceptional for its real situation and its simplicity. Historical truth and simplicity of writing make the wall about the incidents. It is an also emotional book.

There is a debate about the book. The high court does a case against the book for its information error. The book is published after the death of Humayun Ahmed. The page number of the book is 198. The written price of the book is 450 taka. The book starts in Sorofraj story and ends in Ziaur Rahman’s death.

Sorofraj’s granddaughter Obonti lives with him. Obonti’s parents are separated. Obonti’s mother sometimes send her letter. But her grandfather reads the letter without her permission. Sorofraj puts a tutor for obonti. The tutor name is Shafik. He has no courage to speak about truth.

Sorofraj suspects Safik for considering his granddaughter’s situation. Sorofraj says, generally young girls learn love affair from theirs young tutor. Actually obonti likes her teacher. In liberation war,sorofraj khan sends Obonti in a safe place where Muslims comes to prayer.

But this safety place betrays her. A Pakistani major likes Obonti and wants to marry her. But Obonti’s guardian in this place saves her from marring her with the Major. He makes a trick and gets marriy Obonti with his son Muhammad Jahangir.

To hear the news of marriage, sorofraj becomes fired on the man. Obonti also neglects the marriage. But she does not divorce Jahangir. She puts relation with Jahangir. As a good man, any time Jahangir does not irritate her. In Sorofraj house, major Khaled Mossarraf comes to visit sometimes. Actually, Major khaled Mossarraf is Obonti’s father’s friend. He loves Obonti as her own daughter .

In this novel we see Colonel Taher’s patriotic love about Bangladesh. Major Faruk makes a plan to kill Bangabandhu. The people of Bangladesh becomes silent about the Bangabandhu . But the courage less person, Shafik makes a protest against the enemy.

So he becomes harassment for protesting the matter. He is arrested and suffers a lot in jail. In this novel, the writer involves directly . As a martyrs family, they get a quarter for live. But the Rokkhibahini get them out from the house. In this situation, Colonel Taher helps the family.

The writer thinking Taher as his friend in that time. The novel becomes strong for using the character of the writer . The writer uses the oppression of the Rokkhibahini,involving Ziayur Rahman and Osmani as the killer of Bangabandhu, in jail four leaders killing, Mossarraf and Huda’s death, Taher’s hang in rope etc. very carefully and chronically.

He also shows Major Taher’s courage about the country. 1971s is a conspiracy times as like as 1975s also. Above all it is a great historical novel of Humayun Ahmed. Everybody should read this book.


Deyal PDF Download

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