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Deshe Bideshe PDF Download by Syed Mujtaba Ali. “Deshe Bideshe” if the first and best literary work by the greatest Bengali writer and scholar Syed Mujtaba Ali. The novel is about the journey time of the writer 1927_1929 ,about one and half year in Istanbul, Afghanistan. He visits there for his teaching profession in Afghanistan.

Different types of experiences are described as a novel in the book of Deshe Bideshe. The writer wizards Kolkata to Istanbul by train and he returns Kolkata by plane. Different critics criticize the book Deshe Bideshe as the best travel stories in the Bengali literature and it is called that as a travel stories the book is the most successful literary work in the Bengali literature.

As a first book the writer of the novel writes a marvelous travel novel, because most of the writer can’t express their speciality in first book but the writer does it. In this book he says about Afghanistan and many things of this country like their tradition, food habit, culture, people religion the effects of colonial rules etc.

He perfectly designs the negative sides of colonial rules of this country. He uses a lot of poetic lines of famous writer like Robindranath Tagore, The Holy Bedh, quotes of the greatest Chanakya the advisor of the greatest king Chandra Gupto, Different French poet’s poems translations and so on.

Sayad Mujtaba Ali knows the eighteenth types of language. After going Afghanistan he learns Arabic and French language, there he also learns the Russian dictionary. Before leaving the country he feels so love for the motherland Indian.

In this book he describes the relation between two country Afghanistan and India. The writer refers many sides of colonial rules in Afghanistan. He says about some characters like Did Muhammad, Mir Aslam, Abdur Rahman and so on.

Abdur Rahman is the maid servant of the writer. Several times save the life of the writer. Dos Mohammed is so pious and honest man who always speaks the truth. Sometimes the writer quarrels with his Afghanistan a friend about the food of Afghanistan and India comperes Hilsha fish with Biryani.

He refers the history of Afghanistan as “Okkhornia” that means without letter. Because, nobody writes the glorious history of Afghanistan so that there prideful stories stay hidden. He plays tennis with the prince of Afghanistan. Again, he makes smoking pot for a farmer in a village.

The writer is so generous and priceless man that in spite of knowing good English he learns Arabic for the perfect communication with Afghanistan citizens. Sayed Mujtaba Ali gives a clear reference of the political relationship between India and Afghanistan.

Writer expresses he is practical experiences with the perfect mixture of geography history literature and so on. When he starts his journey from Kolkata to Afghanistan he describes the events of his journey, the people of train, their behavior, dressing habit, their body language and expression etc.

He gives a beautiful description about the beauty of nature. In Afghanistan he starts to study about the Russian literature and history. 

The book is a perfect travel stories ever in Bengali literature if the readers want to observe such a beautiful travel story book that they will be satisfied because the writer writes the masterpiece which is rarest in types of literature.

Deshe Bideshe PDF Download

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