Srikanta PDF Download by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay

Srikanta PDF Download by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. “Srikanta” is an autobiographical novel by famous Bengali writer and novelist Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. This noble is about poet’s own elements of real life. Srikanta is the main character and writers himself represent through the character of Shrikant who is the protagonist of this noble.

There are some other major characters in the novel are Rajlakshmi or payri Bhai a dancer of landlord house, the childhood friend of Srikant, Indranath a hunter and adventurous man, Anandho Didi a wife of snake hunter, Gather a Muslim friend of Srikanto, Avoya a married girl, Srikanto meets her in Rangoon ,Barma.

The life of srikanta is so eventful and adventurous. From childhood Srikanto raises in his uncle’s house in the village. The novel is so long and divided into four parts.

At first part of the novel Srikanto lives in the house of his uncle. One day in a football match, he meets with a boy named Indranath, who is an adventurous hunter and roaming to and fro in the jungle. He becomes the companion of Indranath, a type of boy who always helps other poor and suffering people.

Sometimes Indranath gives money and help to a women names Anandadidi who is a wife of a snake hunter. After sometimes the husband of Ananddidi is died by the bite of snake. Gradually Srikanta develops a good relation with Anandadidi. After sometimes Srikanto becomes a good friend of local landlord son.

There he meets with payri Bhai, a dancer of landlord house. He discovers that actually payribhai is his childhood friend Rajlakshmi. He becomes a wonder with some “Bihkhu” or beggar. During the travel he becomes so ill and returns to his uncle’s village. Rajlakshmi hears the news of his illness and she comes to him and brings him Patna for giving aid. After becoming cured from illness, he returns his uncle’s village.

In the second part of the novel Srikanto travels to Rangoon, Burma. When he travels he meets with a girl named Avoya and his male friends Rohini. Actually, Avoya travels to meet her husband but her husband is not caring to her.

He dominates and tortured her so much but she loves her husband a lot, on the other hand, she lives with her male companion Rohini with so happily. In Rangoon, he gets a lot of experience but soon he again becomes ill and comes back to his country, in the house of his uncle.

Rajlakshmi again comes to Srikanto and nurses him so much. In part three, Rajlakshmi and Srikanto goes to the district of Birbhum. There Rajlaxmi leave her old dancing job and spends all day with the worship of God. After some years Srikanto returns to his old village, where he meets his old one Muslim friend named Gather.

Shrikant decides to be a Sanashi or monk. So Gaher bring him to an Ashram. Where he meets with a nun named Kamal Lata, Komal Lata a very dedicated women to become a monk, who is deeply love bye Gaher. After some time Komal Lata decides to leave the Ashram and says goodbye to Srikanto. Then sometimes later Srikanto also leaves the idea to become a monk.

In spite of being a very long novel, this novel is literally so eligible for reading. This novel is also very famous among the Bengali literature lovers. So this novel is a highly recommended novel for the new readers.

Srikanta PDF Download

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