Aranyak PDF Download by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay

Aranyak PDF Download by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay. “Aranyak” is one of the best novels of Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay. The Bengali word “Aranyak” means forest. Actually the novel is about forest, a completely different world far from urban life. The narrator of the novel is Sataycharan an educated man who is searching for a job.

His close friend offers him a job Bhagalpur District in Bihar. He is the main character and protagonist of this novel. His total observations is the consequence of this novel. Though he is the main character of this novel there are some minor characters.

Sataycharan is only observer and others are the doers in this novel. Actually this is look like a novel but all the description of this novel are true fact. There are the minor characters Raju are a property stricken old man, also a pious man.

Dhaturia a dancer, Dhaotal Sahu his job is to lend money and interest. Jugalprashad a mysterious man in the novel, his love for nature is incredible. Kunta a women who was a daughter of Bijhi later married by a Rajput. But soon her husband dies, Rasbihari wants to marry her but she escapes and she becomes helpless, Raja Dobru Panna a king of some santals, Vanumati the daughter of santal king. Nandalal Ojha a cruel and bad man in the novel.

At the beginning of the novel, Sataycharan gets a job form his friend and goes to his workplace Bihar a forest place. At first, he can’t manage himself with such a rural jungle place but gradually the nature hypnotizes him so hardly that he can’t leave from there.

Day by day, he becomes one of the persons of forest. We see the novel at the view of Sataycharan. He only comes to jungle for his job but he becomes one very close to nature. Here he experiences a lot of things which are new for him.

His entire life he never thinks about to eat Chinese grass crops but in jungles people becomes happy to get Chinese grass crops which they eat happily to live. He experiences that a man can leads his whole life in a jungle and becomes old but never hears about Kolkata or India.

Here he helps many poor people to give land for their livelihood. He gives land to kunta the poverty suffering woman. He visits santal king Raja Dobru and princess Vhanumathi. Once he thinks about Vhanumathi that if he can marry her, he can lives his rest of life in this jungle, very close to nature.

Actually he falls in love with nature so deeply that he can’t escape from this. When the last time him visits to Vhanumathi he thinks to marry her but this is only a dream and dream never comes true. When he returns from Bihar and experiences a lot of things jungle life, he realizes that he should write about the people of jungle who are completely deprived from the colorful urban life.

When the readers read this book they will be surprised to the way of writing, description skills, characters design, remarking of nature so real as well as narrator’s loving heart which is thirst for nature. So if anyone wants to know about such a masterpiece, this book have to read.

Aranyak PDF Download

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