Krishnakanter Will PDF Download by BankimChandra Chattopadhyay

Krishnakanter Will PDF Download by BankimChandra Chattopadhyay. “Krishnakanter Will” is one of the romantic novel by BankimChandra Chattopadhyay. This novel is about triangular love among the main three characters Govind Lal, Rohini and Bramar. This noble is used for making film and also translated into English language.

In Bengali literature, krishnakanter will is tremendously a famous novel in the 19 th centuries. This novel is a complete plot and great description. Money, wealth and women are the main influencer in this nvel and as a human being Govind Lal an innocent and claim man, even he canno’t escape from this wordly things.

The novel starts with a common problem that krishnakanta, deprives his own son to inherit his property and he gives his half property at the name of Govind Lal, his brother’s son and depriving Harolal. Because Govinda is able to protect Krishnakanta’s property.

Haralal is indifferent to family and going to attach a widow woman named Rohini. Rohini is a marvelous beautiful girl who can attack everyone easily. Bing widowo at very young age she is so frustrated and searching for love and peace. First she tries to attack Haralal but later she falls in love with Govindalal.

Sometimes Rohini goes to collect water from garden’s pond of Once, Rohini summits suicide that pond and Govinda Lal saves her bringing his farm house and aids her. Quickly the rumour is roused that Govindlall and Rohini hasve an extra marital love affair.

At first Vramar canno’t believe this news because her conjugal life with Govindalal is so happy and faithful that she even canno’t imagine that Govinda will do such a crime. Later Rohini hear this news and thinks that Vramaromo does it. Becomes so angry on Vramar she wants to take revenge in Vramar.

She borrows Banarasi saree and a gold necklace from neighbour and shows this to Vramar that Govindalal gives her. Observing everything Vramar, writes a letter to Govindalal saying that now she doesn’t believe her husband at all. That time Govindalal is far from home.

Receiving the letter he feels so sad. Soon he returns home and observs that Vramar is not in the home. Now Govinda becomes so angry that he wants to leave Bramar and search shelter in Rohini. Gavinda departures from the village with Rohini in an unknown place.

After this event, Krishnakanta inherits his all property to Vramar. Govindalal hears everything and becomes angrier. After separation from husband, Vramar becomes ill and losts health. Gradually she comes to death but nobody can’t find where Govindalal is.

Rohini’s father decides to take revenge from Govindalal for leaving his daughter. Rohini’s father finds Govindlall and Rohini, sends there is a familiar faithful young handsome fellow. The man able to find Govindalal and Rohini in a fancy house. He requests the servant of Govindalal to meet him but govindlal refuses this.

The man gives bribe the servant for meeting Rohini. At first sight Rohini feels for the handsome man and meets him with that night. After noticing that Govindalal catches Rohini with the man in the dark night. Govindlal becomes so angry that he asks Rohini that if she can die for him, she says yes, but she can’t imagine that Govindalal can kill her.

At last, Govindalal kills Rohini for ruin his life and is caught by police.  Hearing all these Vramar sends her father for saving him. After seven years Govindalal comes back to house and meets Vramar. Vramar also dies at last. Such a beautifu masterpiece novel about love triangle is recommended for every literature lover.

Krishnakanter Will PDF Download

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