Biraj Bou PDF Download by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay

Biraj Bou PDF Download by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. “Biraj Bou”is one of the best novels of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. There are many novels of the like Shesh prashna, Datta, parinetta, Devdas,Dena paona, etc are the best novels of him. Biraj Bou is something different from others.His story” Sami “is his greatest story about wife’s love and devotion for husband.

“Biraj Bou ” is the novel of a devoted Bengali wife who sacrifices a lot for husband. At the end of the novel the readers heart will melt for the tragic death of Biraj Mohini.

At the beginning of the novel the two brothers pitambar and Nilambur make the decision to separate from each other.. The oldest brother pitambar is a drunken man. He has no attention for family and properties. He is totally indifferent to his family. So the younger brother Nilambur separates pitambar giving half of property.

In this situation the wife of pitambar Birajmohini falls in a lot of problems.The brothers have only sister Harimoti’s responsibility is given on pitambar. After sometimes, the marriage of Harimoti is fixed and pitambar has to donate a lot of money for Harimoti and her husband’s study.

So they have to adopt a lot of loan. Gradually the family of Biraj faces a lot of problems because of loan. Suddenly a terrible drought begins and they cannot grow their crops. They can not manage food properly, and the drunken husband of Biraj has no attention for this. Now Biraj starts to borrow food from other houses.

On the other hand the local landlord Rajendra Kumar falls in love with Biraj. His false attention to Biraj Makes her life more difficult. One day Biraj goes to the pond for taking water she notices Rajendra Kumar and she chides him. That night the house of pitambar has no food and Biraj manages dinner borrowing from her neighbors house.

When pitambar returns home being drunken, he beats her giving false hints. Biraj feels so sad and arrogance for the behaviour of her husband. She goes to the boat of Rajendra Kumar the landlord but suddenly she feel salvation for this. She jumps herself in the water of river. When she gets sense she discover herself in the hospital of “Imambara”.

Then she leaves the hospital and goes to “Tarakeswar”.There she starts begging for her livelihood. But her body and mind are totally destroyed. She starts to repent for her past mistakes. She cries for her husband and her own family but she has no way to back her husband,because she becomes terribly ill.

She prayers to God that before her death she can meet her husband at least one time. Fortunately, pitambar and her sister visit Tarakeswar and find Biraj. Pitambar takes Biraj in his arms for the last time and she dies in his arms.

Such a small mistake destroys the life of Biraj, if both husband and wife can understand each other maybe the tragedy will never touch her. All her worst situations she protects her loyalty to husband. So the book is a highly recommended book for every Bengali literature lover to enjoy was a masterpiece of the great writer Sarath Chandra Chattopadhay..

Biraj Bou PDF Download

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