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Matal Haowa PDF Download Free by Humayun Ahmed. “Matal Haowa” is written by Bangladeshi famous fiction writer Humayun Ahmed. The book is first published in 2010. The written price of the book is 500 taka. The page number of the book is 232. The book is designed by Masum Rahman. Onnoprokash Prokasoni published the book.

The writer draws 69s incidents in his novel. He says,69s is his favorite year. Because he starts writing in 1969. He observes a great revolution very closely in 1969. He also says that any dead man cannot carry on a great revolution.

Someone can it whose name is Amanullah Mohammad Assaduzzaman. His bleeding shirt is the inspiration of the movement. The writer is the another character of the novel. In this time, he studies in Dhaka University. As a brilliant student he gets a single room.

Throughout the novel, the writer one-tenth life part comes very excellently. In 1969, the great series, Misir Ali comes to his mind and writes also “Rupa”

In the book the writer shows the political conditions of the time, University’s conditions, the roles of students in that time, the power of NSF group, students League, Mowdud’s book etc. which represents of that time.

In the first of the novel, Habib is an criminal lawyer. He has popularity in the court. He proves a glass of seven up as a glass of pure milk. His mother becomes old. She is eighty one years old. She always scolds her son habib. But Habib does not be angry with her mother .

On Friday, three people come to him for solving a case. The case was against a murder. A young man named hasan who kills his uncle. So his father comes to habib. Hasan’s father is a rich man. He frees from the case at any cost.

Habib agrees to give permission for staying Hasan in his house so that the police cannot arrest him. Government Monayem is his well known person, calls him as his brother. Habib has an assistant named Pranab who is a very religious and good minded man.

Habib’s has one daughter Nadia who studies in Dhaka University. Nadia’s nickname is Tojolli. She likes her teacher Bidduut Kanti de. But he belongs to hindu religion. For the 69s movement, Nadia comes to her house. One day, her teacher comes to her house. But Habib becomes annoyed for his coming. Habib tries to save Hasan.

Being angry and friend with Hasan’s father, he offers to him for marring her daughter with Hasan. He agrees with the proposal. Nadia’s teacher goes to his house and he sees his father is beaten for a bad work. With his father, he is killed in his village. Hasan’s father ready to marry off his son with Nadia.

Hasan sends a letter to Nadia and Inform her that he couldn’t marry her for some problems. Hasan goes to the Maimansingh jailer house. He confesses his fault that he kills his uncle. Meanwhile, Habib puts a servant whose name is Vadu. He is a very clever man.

One day, Nadia’s grandmother dies and in the same day Nadia is raped by Vadu. Then Vadu flees away the place. On 8th may, Hasan is hanged in Mymensingh central jail. In this way, the writer tries to catch up the time in his writings.

Matal Haowa PDF Download

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