Shuvoda PDF Download by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay

Shuvoda PDF Download by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. “Shuvoda”is the the greatest novel by the famous Bengali novelist Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. This novel is about a mother and her family.The novel is a family novel. Like many novels female character is the main character and protagonist of this novel and her name is Shuvoda, a mother of two daughter and a son.

The husband of Shuvoda is Haran, a dunked and responsible less man to his family.  He is not only an irresponsible man but also uses money for drinking and despises family. In spite of being a family novel the main light focuses on the female character Shuvoda and her honesty, patient, care for family etc. are sketches by the novelist excellently.

At the beginning of the novel we see that the family of Haran, who is doing a job, He lives with his wife, two daughters, an ill son and a widow Sister. His poor salary is not enough for supporting his family. Suddenly he loses his job. The bad time starts in their family for this.

Haran can’t bear the cost to treat his ill son. His two daughters Lalona and Chalana, Lalona is married with a man but after the first month of marriage she becomes widow. Shuvoda is the main character and protagonist. Suvidha the wife of Haran always tries to support and maintain her family.

But her husband is a drunkard man and totally alcoholic. He only thinks of drinking wine but never thinks his family that how can her wife lead his family. The important and influential character in this novel is Sadananda, an innocent and quite insane. He loves Lalona but never expresses that to Lalona. Sadananda always helps the family of Shuvoda a lot providing help and money.

Before marriage loves a man names Sharad. Though sharad loves Lalona, he refuses to marry Lalona, because she is a widow. The time a widow is is a neglected character in society. Sharad can marry Lalona but his angry and greedy father as well as heinous society don’t allow this. For this Lalona request to Sharad to marry her younger sister Chalona. One day Lalona Drowns into river and her cloth is found by villagers.

Everyone thinks that Lalona commits suicide. Such a difficult situation of this family Haran doesn’t become away of his family and day by day he becomes more alcoholic. On the other hand Lalona is found by a Jamidar in the river and brings her in Kolkata.He gives her respect and all the things she needs.

For fulfill the last desire of Lalona, Sadananda arranges the marriage between Chalana and Sharad selling his own property. After some times, Lalona requests to the Jomidar for some money to send her family for the treatment of Madhob, the younger brother of Lalona.  She sends five hundred taka to her family but before receiving money, Madhob dies.

After getting the money from Kolkata Shuvoda can’t find who sends money. So she sends Sadananda to Kolkata observing the owner of money. Going Kolkata Sadananda knows that Lalona is alive and lives with Jomidar. Sadananda thinks negatively that Lalona lives here as a mistress of Jomidar.

So, he becomes angry and leaves the place without meeting Lalona. After returning village Sadananda says all about Lalona to Shuvoda. Knowing that she cries a lot and her motherhood rises for Sadananda.She seems that her dead son Madhob returns through Sadananda. They share to each other they’re all pain and suffering. At last, Shuvoda knows about Lalona that she is sinless and innocent.

So this is the end of this novel and as a family novel this novel is a wonderful creation of the writer Sarath Chandra Chattopadhyay. The Writer designs the character of Shuvoda such a fantastic way that every leader will charm. So this novel is a fantastic novel for readers.

Shuvoda PDF Download

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