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Moddhanno PDF Download Free by Humayun Ahmed. “Moddhanno” is written by Bangladeshi popular novelist Humayun Ahmed. The book is designed by Masum Rahman.

According to me, the is the second one best book of the writer. The book’s first part is published in 2008. The page number of the book is 408. The written price of the book is 600 taka. Moddanno is published by Onnoprokash Prokasoni.

Humayun Ahmed tries to catch up in 1905 in this book. The setting of the novel is Bandhobpur. The writer tries to show the life style, man’s nature, rituals, love, dissatisfaction, Hindu-Muslim difference etc. In that time, the Hindus don’t tolerate the Muslim. The Hindus recognize that the position of the Muslim is the lowest point in the society.

At first in the novel, Haricharan saves a Muslim child,named by Jahir. He enters into the prayer room with Jahir. For this reason, Haricharan is omitted from the society by the direction of Shoshanko pal. But throughout the novel we see the miserable condition of Shoshanko Pal.

Dhonu Sheikh is the another important character in the novel. He is the mingled character with bad and good features. For supporting to Haricharan, he is sacked from his job. As a good minded man,Haricharan helps him to give money. Dhonu Sheikh starts business and becomes successful.

But, after getting rich and powerful, his character is changed. He becomes a beast. Haricharan’s house a man takes shelter. Actually he is a revolutionary. As a broad minded man, Haricharan gives him shelter as a master. But he flees from the place for saving him from police.

But Dhonu Sheikh informs the police and Shahi master is arrested. Haricharan recognizes Jahir as his son. Before the death he gives his all property to Jahir. But Jaris is a young boy. So he doesn’t understand. After the Death of Haricharan, Dhonu Sheikh seizes the property.

One day, Shashi’s friend goes to Dhonu and claims the real authority of Haricharan property. He injures Dhonu Sheikh and the property of Haricharan gets Jahir. In this novel, Jahir losses his mother. Julekha is divorced. But he has a sweet voice.

In this novel Ukil Munsi comes to Bandhobpur and meets Julekha. He takes jahir in his house and change Jahir’s names(Labus). Julekha lives in prostitute area. Here she gives birth a child. Jahir takes the responsibility of the child. Labus becomes a broad minded man as Haricharan was.

In Bandhobpur, men spend their day by starvation. So Labus makes an arrangement to feed them. In spite of being a big novel, the readers have to dissatisfaction for knowing more about the important characters.

The general people of the village suffer more of the village politics. In Bandhobpur, there is happened a fighting between the hindu and Muslim. Throughout the novel, we find Labus mysterious behavior, Idris simplicity, Julekha’s helplessness, Shashi’s revolutionary attitude, Ator’s love affair etc.

Humayun Ahmed brings many important characters in the novel, like- Kazi Nazrul Islam, Rabindranath Tagore, Sorota Chandra Chattapaddhay, Joynul Abedin, Bibhutibhusan Bandopadhyay, Tarasangkar, Einstein, Madam kuri, Mohatta Gandhi, Netaji Suvash Chandra Basu etc. The writer of the novel tries to capture the mid day of the Bengali people. To know the midday of people and society , you have to read this book.

Moddhanno PDF Download

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