Lalsalu PDF Download by Syed Waliullah

Lalsalu PDF Download by Syed Waliullah. Lalsalu is novel written by Pakistani writer Syed Waliullah. In this novel he describe a fraudulent person Majid how he fooled the villagers with his false religious superstitious. This book was translated into many languages. A movie was made in 2001 with the same title & got many awards including the Best  film award. The writer got the Bengali Academy award  for this novel.

Now discuss some crucial information about this novel

Novel Name : Lalsalu

Bengali Name : লালসালু  English Interpretations : Tree without Roots

France Interpretations : L’arbre sans racines

Author : Syed Waliullah

Genre : Novel

Language : Bengali

Published in :1948

Publisher : Comrade

Pages : 110

Let’s discuss the main characters of the novel

a) Majid

b) Rahima

c) Jamila

d) Khalek Bepari

e) Akkas mia

f) Hasuni

Story in Brief

The novel Lalsalu started with the description of the village Mohabbatnagar & the life of a simple rular muslim people. One day a man arrived in the village named Majid. When he arrived he easily understand that the people of the village are so simple minded. So he can easily fooled them.

After coming to the village he started shouting to the villagers & told them that they all are sinners. A pir named Mudassir Pir came to his dream & told him that his grave is not being taken care of. All the villagers started believing him including the head of the village Khalek bepari.

Then all the villagers repaired the grave & covered it with a lalsalu which is the symbol of holiness. They also made a house for Majid. After some days he became so wealthy by fooling the villagers. Then he got married with a widow Rahima, she is very obedient to him.

After some  years he again got married with a young girl Jamila who is very straight forward. She never supports Majid false teaching. Majid’s real face slowly revealed but the villagers are so simple to understand his tricks.

Lalsalu PDF Download

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