Gavi Brittanto PDF Download by Ahmed Sofa

Gavi Brittanto PDF Download by Ahmed Sofa. “Gavi Brittanto” is one of the best novel of Bangladeshi thoughtful writer Ahmed Sofa . He dedicated the book to Father Clouse Buyel. The book is first published in 1995. Sondesh Prokasoni published the book in first time. The page number of the book is 128. The written price of the book is 180 taka.

Abu Zunaid becomes Chancellor in his university which is a unbelievable news to other colleagues. His wife Nurunnahar Banu believes that he becomes vice chancellor for her own luck and prayer. All of the members of sinnet of Dora group want to get the position.

For Dilruba Khanam consideration he is nominated as third person of the election. As a good man, he gets the position as a Chancellor. His wife always suspects him about his character. Actually he is a good minded man. After becoming Chancellor, he gets a new building for his Chancellor position.

For its big place Zunaid wants to put a cow from his early desire. Abu Zunaid comes from a poor family. As a farmer’s son, he finishes his study with the help of his father-in-law. He offers his wife for bringing up a cow in his house and she agrees with his proposal.

After becoming Chancellor he has a lots of duty. He also falls in different problems. He judges student killing matter. Sometimes his house is cordoned by the students for their necessity. As a good man, she presents in zumma salat. The imam of the mosque becomes happy to see him. The imam requests him some matter which should be changed for religious purpose.

Abu Zunaid introduces a contractor whose name is Sheikh Tobarok Ali. He is also relative of Abu Zunaid family. He is Abu Zunaid’s father in law ‘s friend. One day, Abu Zunaid is invited in his house with his family. There Abu Zunaid informs his desire about his bringing up a cow.

He appreciates Abu Zunaid’s desire. He gives Abu Zunaid a word that he gives him a cowshed and a cow as a gift from him. Next morning, many equipment come to chancellor house for making a cowshed. The cowshed becomes ready to stay a cow.

Sheikh Tobarok Ali forbids him to disclose the matter. One day Tobarok Ali sends a beautiful cow in his house. In Abu Zunaid’s free time, he gives time for the cow. For this reason in his family a new quarrel is arisen. For Abu Zunaid’s daughters’ bad work, his wife brings her elder daughter.

One day, Abu Taher comes to visits his cow. He suggests him that if he arranges some birds it looks very beautiful. Jonardon Chakrabarty visits his park in first time. Day by day, Abu Zunaid spends his time with his friends in the cowshed. After somedays, the news of cowshed is revealed that the Chancellor does his duty in the cowshed.

But Dr Azim writes a prose on Abu Zunaid and his mentality about the pets. Day by day, Nurunnahar becomes annoyed with the cow. For her jealousy, she uses poison on the cow. She thinks that she is able to destroy her enemy who makes distance from her husband. The next day the cow dies.

Abu Zunaid gets a good news that he has to deliver speech in 51 University and he will get a large amount of money. To hear the news, Nurunnahar comments that they needs many taka for establishing a monument on the cow’s grave. It is a satire writing of the writer. Above all, it represents the University’s different incidents very amazingly.

Gavi Brittanto PDF Download

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