Badshai Namdar PDF Download Free by Humayun Ahmed

Badshai Namdar PDF Download Free by Humayun Ahmed. “Badshai Namdar” is one of the best novel of the famous fiction writer Humayun Ahmed. He dedicated the book to his son Ninit Humayun. The book’s cover is designed by Drubo Ashe. Onnoprokash Prokasoni published the book in 2011. The page number of the book is 232.

The written price of the book is 450 taka. The book is written on historical events. Most of the people dislikes to read history. But the writer writes the book so carefully and amazingly that every reader gets pleasure from this book. The writer uses historical characters in this book.

The novel’s time is starts in August,1527. The writer writes the book on the Moghol Empire. The moghol emperor, Jahir Uddin Muhammad Baba, becomes concern thinking about his empire. He does his duty as a empire very carefully.

But his son Nasiruddin Humayun Mirza is indifferent to his duty. He always belongs to his own world. He has different hobby. In spite of a would be emperor, he likes to be a poet, sculptor. Nasiruddin Humayun becomes very sick and his father prays to God for his son’s life as if his son becomes well by his father life. One time, Humayun recovers from his sickness. In fifty years, Muhammad Babar dies.

After three days, Humayun ascends in the empire. He also becomes indifferent to his duty. But his believable Colonel Bairam Kha does his duty very efficiently so that any harm doesn’t happen on the empire. Day by day, Humayun becomes careful about his duty.

But some problem is shown in the empire. His step brother Kamran Mirza and Hindol Mirza are his opposition. In that time, there is a law that the opposition should be killed. But as different man, he wants to be friendly on his step brothers. But his brothers doesn’t become friend. They always tries to overcome the empire.

They also agree with the proposal of the foe, Sher kha who tries his utmost to get the empire of Humayun Mirza.
One time Sher kha attacks on the Humayun Empire’s with the help of his step brothers. Humayun becomes defeated. He flees from his empire with his beloved wife.

He has a daughter named by Akika Begum. He loves her very much. But his misfortune, he losses her with his friend Omba. Omba is a Hindu girl. One day Humayun finds Omba who is died by fire with her dead husband. Humayun recovers her from her danger.

Omba brings up with her daughter. But, Akika and Omba is fired by the direction of Harisangkar. In latter, Harisangar is died by fear of apparition. After fifteen year,Humayun flees away from a County to another. But with the help of Bairam Kha and Persian emperor, he gets back his empire.

Emperor Humayun is a man of word. He puts a words to Nazim Vistiwala for ascending him one day as a emperor when Najim helps Humayun in his dangerous situation. In his misfortune his wife becomes pregnant. Next, Humayun becomes father again. He puts his son name Akbar.

Next, this son will be Akbar the great. Humayun kills his step brothers for their bad behavior. After Humayun’s death Bairam kha does his duty with his believable nature.

When Akbar becomes able to look after the empire, he goes to pray in Makka. But unfortunately, he is killed by the direction of Akbar for suspecting him as a spy. For this writer say, “”there is darkness under the candle”” This is a must read book for every reader.

Badshai Namdar PDF Download

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