Charitraheen PDF Download by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay

Charitraheen PDF Download by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. “Charitraheen”is one of the famous novel of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. This novel is not only plot based but also characters based. Come the other novels of sir Chandra Chattopadhyay this is quite unique with style, speech, characters and story.

The main four characters of the novel are Sabitri,kiranmayee, surbala and Sarojini. Among those characters kiranmayee is the most influential character in the novel. Then Sabitri is the remarkable character who is loved by Satish rich man.

Surbala is a loving and faithful wife of Upendra Nath and Sarojini a western cultured following girl loves Satish and wants to marry him. The title of the novel is an absolutely perfect name for this noble because the plot and characters indicates that. But not only characterlessness but also psychological conflicts, desire for earthly love and satisfaction, love, jealousy are the main causes for the tragedy in this novel.

At the beginning of the novel we see that sabitri a very young and beautiful widow women who works as a maid servant in the house of a young handsome rich man named Satish. In spite of being a maidservant, Savithri lives there as the queen of the house. Satish loves her a lot and gives so much important to Sabitri. Sabitri also loves him but they never express their love and feelings to each other.

As a widow, savitri is a neglected girl in her father in laws house. She is forced to work as a maid servants in others house. So she comes to the house of Satish but Satish falls in love with her. In their relationship there is not anything illegal and vulgarity.

But the people of the society raise a rumor about them that Savithri is a characterless women and in spite of being a widow she makes a relationship with an unmarried young boy. So Savithri leaves the house. On the other hand, Sarojini and independent and mother dominating girl who loves and wants to marry Satish but Satish can’t love her.

After leaving savitri become frustrated and go to the house of make a relationship with is related relatives” Bouthan” Kiranmayee. She loves Upendra a married man, has a wife name Surbala. After becoming widow, Kiranmayee falls in love Upendra but he refuses her.

On the other side of he keeps hi far related brother Dibakor in the house of Kiranmayee. She adores him as her brother but soon she attacks him and being refused by Upendra she decides to give a lesson him. She escapes with Dibakor and makes physical relationship but soon Dibakor expresses his responsibility to kiranmayee.

After some years they decide to return their house. At that time Upendra is in the death bed. After the death of Upendra Kiranmayee becomes mad. At last Savithri again meets Satish. Dibakor can understand his mistakes and Surbala the faithful wife shows everyone about their mistakes.

So this unique novel, at the sight of characters design and delivery of speeches is so marvelous. The three male characters are Satish, Upendra and Dibakor all are affected by the four female characters in the novel. So this psychological and excellent novel is suggested for every literature lover to read.

Charitraheen PDF Download

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