Pather Panchali PDF Download by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay

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Pather panchali PDF Download by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay.

 Pather Panchali is a social fiction written by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay.

Here he uphold the childhood of two siblings. He also illustrates how poverty doesn’t always nullify love & how even very poor people can enjoy in their little world.

Some information about the Drama:

Name : Pather Panchali

Bengali Name : পথের পাঁচালী

Author : Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay

Genre : Tragedy

Language : Bengali Publish : in 1336

Publisher : Ranjan Publication

Pages : 25

ISBN : 0195657098

Now discuss the characters of this fiction :

  1. a) Harihar Roy
  2. b) Sarbajaya Roy
  3. c) Apurba Roy
  4. d) Durga Roy
  5. e) Indir Thakrun
  6. f) Prasanna &
  7. g) Chinibas

Story in Brief

In Nischindpur Harihar a poor priest lives with his family. His income is very little as a priest but dreams of a better career. His wife Sarbajaya take care of their children & his elder cousin Indir Thakrun. Sarbajaya never like her so that she told Harihar to send her to another relatives home.

Durga & Apu are the siblings, they always play together & share all of their secrets & joys of life. Durga as the elder sibling always take care of Apu with motherly affection but never loose any opportunity  to tease him.

Harihar’s conditions become worse day by day he can’t earn enough  money for his family that’s why one day he go to the city to get a better salary job. During his absence his wife take care of his family lonely. One day at noontime Durga plays for a long-time so she catches cold & also a high fever.

Day by day her conditions become worse & she dies. Then her father returned from the city with lot of money but his daughter was no more. After that day they leave the village. Such a tragic end of this fiction which make it more attractive.

Pather Panchali Uponnash

“Pather panchali” is the most famous and familiar noble of Bengali literature by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay. This novel is the first novel of the writer and most remarkable. World famous and Oscar winner filmmaker Satyajit Roy wins Oscar prize to make the film about the story of this novel.

This novel is about the story of two siblings named Durga and Apu. The novel writer shows child mind through his mature writing. Durga the elder sister and Apu the younger brother are the main characters of this novel. There are some important characters are Harihor the father of Apu and the mother Sarvojaya. Indir Thakuran is an old lady lives with them a far related relative.

At the beginning of the novel, a Brahmon man Harihar and his wife ill-tempered lady Sarvojaya and they have a 6 year old daughter named Durga lives in the village in nischindipur. An old lady name Indir Thakuran also lives with them a far related relative. Sarvagya doesn’t like her.

But Durga loves her and so fascinates to hear fairytale from her. Indir Thakuran never any aid from sarvajaya, she expels her for short reason heartlessly so that she dies in a crop field alone. After few years sarvagya gives birth a baby boy named Apu or Apurba Roy.

Apurbo is a very beautiful, quiet and thoughtful boy, on the other hand Durga roams one place to another place all day. Apu grows up very sensitive mind and Sarvojaya loves her son a lot than daughter. Harihar a man of very little earning.

The two sibling plays with very little things of jungle like flowers, leaves and fruits and many wasted things. At the first time of life Apu goes to visit with his father in mela and discovers many new things like jaithra, different toys, many unknown places etc.

Durga always images of train and her dream is to see train. The neighbors of Apu don’t like Durga and Apu because of their poverty. Such a way, time flies once, the restless and so innocent child Durga fall in fever but at last she dies. Whole family become grief-stricken family.

Durga the innocent child leaves her loving younger brother forever alone. When Harihar returns home he discovers that his only one daughter died and he cannot see her for the last time. That time gradually they fall in more poverty so Harihar decides to leave his village Nischindipur.

Sarvojaya and Harihar manage there all goods of house and leaves this village for another place where they can overcome their property. Apu leaves with his parents. The sweetest memories of his childhood, his loving sister’s memories all he has to leave in this village.

This is the short description of this novel but if the readers want to observe the actual esense of the novel they have to read whole novel. It seems that the story is about story of child but this Nobel is wrote for all readers. The English version or translation of this Novel named is “Songs of the road”.

Such a beautiful story about nature, childhood, child mind’s imagination, family story etc are found in the novel. So this Nobel is a highly recommended book for every Bengali literature lover.

Pather panchali PDF Download

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