Chokher Bali PDF Download by Rabindranath Tagore

Chokher Bali PDF Download by Rabindranath Tagore. “Chokher Bali” is one of the best novels of kobi guru Rabindranath Tagore. This novel is translated by many foreign language. This novel also uses to make film. ” Chokher Bali” becomes the new sensation after writing it.

Bengali literature have a lot of novels, among them “Chokher Bali” bring the new dimension of Bengali literature. This noble is about the life of a widow woman, extra marital relationship and it’s effect on family and society, social crisis for widow,family crisis for extra marital affair, the deprivation of widow women. That time the widow marriage is not allowed.

women have no right for another marriag, they can only wear “sada than” and have only allowed for eating boiled rice. This novel is a romantic novel and extra marital affairs. The main characters are Binodini ashalatha Mahendra and Bihari Babu. Binodini is the greatest character in the Bengali literature. Jealousy is the main reason to create tragedy in this noble.

At the beginning of the novel,  we see that Rajlaxmi says her son about her friends daughter Binodini. She wants to marry off Mahendra with her but Mahendra refuses this because he thinks that after coming a wife in this family they have to face separation between mother and son.

The aunt of Mahendra  also wants to marry off him with her brothers daughte named Asalota. He also rejects this. Then the aunt of Mahendra requests Bihari to marry Asalota. Then Mahendra and Bihari  decide to to go to see Asalota. Bihari is the best friend of Mahendra and nearest of Mahendra’s family.

After meeting Asalota Bihari likes her for marriage but Mahendra says he will marry Asalota so Bihari allows this and  doesn’t say anything.After some days Mahendra marries  Asalota. Mahindra starts to love and care of Asalota a lot, gradually he becomes  separated from her mother and most of the time he starts to spend his wife. He becomes irregular to his studies.

His mother Rajlakshmi  becomes angry to daughter in law and she goes to Kashi where she meets Binodini. She finds her as a widow, after a short period of her marriage she lost her husband. Rajlakshmi brings her in house. Binodini becomes a good friend of Asalota and they give a nick name to each other “Balli”. Bali” means enemy. Actually ,at last truly she becomes enemy of her .

Mahendra loves his wife a lot , Binodini becomes jealous because she is deprived of the happiness of conjugal life. She starts like Bihari Babu but she discovers that Bihari Babu also loves Asalota secretly.  Finally, she becomes too much jealous and wants to ruin her  happiness.

Mahendra becomes addicted towards binodini physically. They join s extra marital affair. Bihari Bihari discovers this and forbids both of them. Then she says Bihari to marry her but he refuses.  One day Mahendra and Binodini escape  from house. 

Finding them Bihari goes to them and wants to marry Binodini for saving Asalota’s happiness. The next day Bihari cannot find Binodini anywhere at all. Such a way, the novel is finished. The Nobel is also an alarm for every family. The bad affect of extra marital affair and the deprivation of widow.  So this great Nobel is suggested for every Bengali literature  lover.

Chokher Bali PDF Download

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