Ashani Sanket PDF Download by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay

Ashani Sanket PDF Download by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay. “Ashani Sanket “is the novel of Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay. The novel is about the famine of Bangla after Second World War. The famine is happened 1943 after the Second World War. The war not only touches it in the city life but also the urban area or, the remote area of the country.

Because of the British ruler collects a lot of food from Bangla for this gradually the scarcity of food becomes the main issue. Price hike becomes the the main problem and also low providing of food. That time the 3 million people are died that time.

This novel Ashani Sanket is written the famine after the second world war II, which is flourished all over the Bengali in 1943. The main characters of this noble are Ganga Charan Brahim teacher and village doctor and his loving and faithful wife Anango bou.

At the beginning of the novel, Ganga Charan starts to live in a new village where she opens a school for local farmer’s children and also doing treatment as a local doctor. As he is a Brahmon faithful, he is a respected and honorable figure in the village.

People always accept his request or order of him for anything. He is called by another village for protecting or treating the pandemic of cholera. The village people are so innocent and they always keep reliance on him. One day the local market’s man says that the price of daily product will so high. That time nobody believes the the news.

One day Ganga Charan goes to buy petrol which the villagers use to make light in their house. But we cannot find a single drop of petrol. This event is totally new for the The villages. The common belief of the people that if they have money they can buy anything which are necessary. Day by day the price of rice is getting so high and becomes unavailable.

The people of that time start to stay without eating rice. The common food of Bengali is rice and to provide the food of British army all of the rice is hand over by British rulers. The most difficult time starts for Bengali people, the scarcity of rice and if somebody has money but there is the unavailable of food.

The number of beggar are increased. The number of robber and thief arouse in many places. The death of Moti a village women, is the first alarm of famine. In this difficult situation the wife Ganga Charan becomes pregnant and gives birth a baby.

Such a way, the times is getting too hard to handle. Without food people start to die. People have to die for the pandemic which is not natural climate is rather a pandemic which is create by human being. The second world war happy and so far from the Bengali people but they can’t escape from the terrible heat of war. Many people leave their house to escape this pandemic.

When the readers will read this book they will find the actual situation of that time in 1943. The men created disaster makes people homeless, shelter, food less. 3 million people die for this situation. For the first time the people of Bangla face such a scarcity of food they even imagine what famine is.

Because Bangla is called the” Sossho Bandar of Asia” that means Bangla is the full of resources with food, fish etc. But the bad Governess of British destroys this honor of Bengal. So this novel is not only a novel but also historical and political significant. For every Bengali literature lover this novel is highly recommended.

Ashani Sanket PDF Download

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