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Noukadubi PDF Download by Rabindranath Tagore. Noukadubi is one kind of social fiction written by Rabindranath Tagore. This novel based on family drama. In this novel the writer express the satire of fate. Noukadubi is the fourth novel of Tagore. It was published in 1906 in a Bengali newspaper Bangadarshan.

Now some crucial information are given below:

Novel name: Noukadubi

Bengali name: নৌকাডুবি

Genre : Novel

Author : Rabindranath


Publisher : Bishshosahitto Bhaban

Category : Classical

Published in : 1906

Now we are gonna discuss the major characters of this novel :

a) Ramesh

b) Hemnolini

c) Kamla

d) Jagendra

e) umesh & many more.

Story in Brief

In this novel Rabindranath Tagore showed love triangles among three different people.

Ramesh is the main character. He loves his friend Jagendra’s sister Hemnolini. But Ramesh’s father took him to the village & forced him to marry sarla. Then he got marry without seeing sarla. After marriage they broad a boat which overturns after a sudden storm.

No one survive except Ramesh & his wife. Without get Hemnolini out of his mind he started live with his wife. After few months he understand that she is not sarla. She is kamla bride of another male.

This is the main suspense of this novel because Kamla doesn’t know that Ramesh is not her husband.

Noukadubi Summary

“Noukadubi” or “Boat wreck” is one of the most famous and talked novel by the greatest poet and writer Rabindranath Tagore. This novel is such a beautiful plot construction, characters design as well as the complexity of human relationship. How can out fate plays with us and we are nothing but a puppet the hand of our fortune, it may be good or bad.

But sometimes fate rules our life and we have nothing to do. This novel is about some characters who are compelled to accept the rule of fortune. The main characters in the novel are Hemnolini, Ramesh Chandra, Nolinakkho and kusum. Ramesh Chandra is a lawyer and he loves Hemnalini so deeply she also loves him.

She is the sister of his nearest friend and for this reason Ramesh has a good relationship with the family of Hemnalini and others family members. Hemnalini is a beautiful educated and elite society girl on the other hand Ramesh belongs to a conservative family where his father takes all decisions of Ramesh lives.

Kusum a beautiful, innocent and loveable lady who loves family, husband and child. Sometimes she describes herself as a motherly qualities. Nolinakkho a Brahmin man, famous for his honesty, wit and behavior.

At the beginning of the novel we see that, Ramesh Chandra and Hemnalini continue their relationship as friend but in inner they love to each other. Ramesh Chandra loves Hemnalini a lot and he also wants to marry her. At that time his father Brajmohan Chandra wants to marry off Ramesh with his childhood friend’s daughter Sushila, a local village girl of a widow mother.

Though Ramesh loves Hemnalini he can’t raise his voice against his father. So he is compelled to marry Sushila without knowing Sushil’s looks, behavior or anything. After marriage Ramesh and his father return home with new bride Sushila.

Suddenly their boat is wreck and they loses new bride, Ramesh loses all things including his father and besides the river he found his wife and return home. Then Ramesh starts to live with his wife Sushila but after some months Ramesh discovers that this lady is not his wife and her name is not shusila, her name is kusum and wife of somebody else. In spite of being others wife he decides to live with her.

He searches many places the actual identity of kusum but can’t find it. Before taking this decision he again starts to communicate with Hemnalini and this time they express their feeling to each other and starts a relationship but suddenly they know that Ramesh is a married man and he hides this event from Hemnalini’s family.

After knowing all of this Hemnalini’s family refuse to accept or marry to Ramesh. He returns to kusum and kusum starts her academic education. In this situation Hemnalini feels so broken and starts to spend her time with social working. Suddenly Kusum knows about her husband and escape from house.

Hemnalini meets with Nalinakkho in a meeting, they come closer and develop a relationship. Their family decides to marry off them. Accidently, Nalinakkho is none but the husband of Kusum. Kusum at last able to find her husband Nalinakkho and finds her family by Hemnalini. Ramesh again proposes Hemnalini and she accepts the proposal.

So such a way, they separates to each other by fate, and at last fortune makes them together again. Such a beautiful novel is rare in the Bengali literature, so every literature lover should read this excellent novel.

Noukadubi PDF Download

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