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Datta PDF Download by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. Datta is one of the best romantic novel by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. He writes a lot of novels but this is the most romantic novel by him. The novel is about a local landlord, named Bonomali Babu and his two friends named Jagdish and Rasbihari.

The heroine of the novel is Vijaya daughter bonomali Babu . Banmali Babu wants to marry off her daughter with the son of Jagdish, Narendra Mukherjee. The another friend of Banmali is Rasbihari ,who wants to marry off his son Bilas with Vijaya.

At the beginning of the novel, Banmali replaces his religion by “Brahmoism”, for this situation ,the people of the village separate him from them for adopting the new religion. Banmali Babu then goes to Kolkata and starts to live there.

On the other hand, Rasbiharii and his son Bilas start to rule their landlord business of bonomali .As he desires for the son of Jagdish Narendra to marry off his daughter, he spends money to make him doctor in London . Suddenly he dies and for this Jagdish becomes ill and he borrows money from Banmali .He can’t pay the money in proper time, the cruel Rusbihari forfeits his property .Then Jagdish committed suicide .

After some years , Vijaya comes at his home in the village and Rasbihari says her that Banamali babu wants to marry off her with his son Bilas. Knowing this Vijaya agree with them. In this time Nagendra the son of Jagdish comes to the village to .Then the doctor Narendra starts to treat village people.

He also opens a school for poor village child. Rasbihari also becomes Brahmon , he declares to stop the the biggest Durga puja in the village. Nagendra comes to Vijaya and requests her to allow the puja then Vijaya agrees .At first sight Vijaya falls in love with Nagendra and Nagendra also . In this village nobody knows that Narendra is the son of Jagdish.

One day Narendra is catching fish beside the river and Vijaya visits there she asks about Nagendra then he hides his dentity and say about the bad situation of Nagendra. Rasbihari decides to make Brahma temple in Nagendra house. suddenly a terrible fever is flourised out of the village and Rajani also becomes ill, Nagendra treats her and she survives from the fever.Now , Vijaya loves a lot Narendra and Narendra also loves her.

Rasbihari take a sign from Vijaya that she will marry Bllas at any situation. Their intention is only to achieve the whole property of Vijaya.Dayal Babu a village man familiar of Bonomali and his daughter Nolini knows about the love of Vijaya towards Nagendra.

Vijaya invites Nagendra for lunch in her house there he says about the letter of her father Banmali. After some days, Nagendra sends some letter of Bonomali what he gives Jagdish before death. Reading those letter s Vijaya i knows that his father wants to marry off her with Nagendra not Billas.

After some days Dayal Babu arrange s the marriage ceremony of Nagendra and Bilas, Rasbihari tries to stop the marriage showing the evidence of that signed paper . Rajani asks him why he says lie about her marriage .Being failure to stop the marriage ,Rasbihari leaves this place and rajini marries with Nagendra.

So this romantic novel is highly recommended book for every Bengali literature lover who loves romantic and excellent novels . It is not only a novel but also the actual picture of contemporary society.

Datta PDF Download

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