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Ongkar PDF Download by Ahmed Sofa. “Ongkar” is written by Bangladeshi ambidexterity writer Ahmed Sofa.  The book is first published in 1975.  The novel is published by “Book Society”. The writer dedicated the book to his loveable teacher Professor Abdur Razzaq.  The written price of the book is 150 Taka. The book is about men’s deplorable situation and their way to freedom.

The narrator of the book narrates his father’s conditions. The narrator calls his father as a beast.  Once upon a time, their family was a landlord family. Day by day, their financial conditions becomes worse.  Having no financial power, the neighbors make quarrel with them.

The narrator’s father makes a case on a simple matter against their neighbor. For winning the case, the narrator’s father gives money to the false witness. A neighbor, Ahad Ali, injures by someone. But the objection goes to the narrator’s father. 

For this reason, the narrator’s father gives 2500 taka as a fine. The narrator’s father mental conditions become worse. He gets marry their daughter without considering anything.

The Juktafront Government finishes the landlord systems. The family members become happy. Because, many times they fall in problem for want of money. The family lawyer Abul Moktar Saheb gets the house by auction.

One day Moktar Saheb comes to the house and behaves as if nothing is happened. Moktar Saheb puts an offer to the narrator’s mother.  If the narrator’s marries off the dumb sister of Moktar Saheb, he returns all the property to narrator’s family. They marries off and the father of the narrator dies of.

The protagonist changes the house and gets job by his father-in-law. He develops his financial conditions. The narrator’s has no feelings about his family. In office, a clerk, Nripen, is an inattentive person. He always gossip about his wife.

By hearing this gossip, the narrator’s becomes careless about his wife. He wants to talk with someone. He feels the necessity of someone who talks with him. When he comes back his house, his sister doesn’t talk with him. One day, he finds that his sister voice is sweet.  So he brings a harmonium for her sister. His sister develops her song quality. 

One day he finds his wife tries to sing a song but she cannot. He observes her mental conditions. He takes off day from his office and spends times with his wife. He discovers his wife freshly. He loves his wife very deeply. He thinks her dumbness. He tries to feel her sorrows for talking.

One night, he does not find his wife in his side. He finds her wife and she tries to sing a song like go-go sound. His wife’s tries song which is revealed out. The narrator’s becomes destroyed to listen it. He falls in sorrow. The condition of the country is not well.

Everyday young boys starts meeting journey. The narrator’s wife opens door and window to see the procession.  The narrator’s says to stop the window. The wife becomes angry. The narrator’s finds that she tries to speak out very clearly “Bangla”. 

She becomes senseless and bleeding on the floor. In 1969 Asad was killed. Which on precious blood, shahid Asad or the narrator’s wife?? This is the best written for the patriotic person. Every literature lover should read this book.

Ongkar PDF Download

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