Parineeta PDF Download by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay

Parineeta PDF Download by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. “Parineeta” is a novel about class distinction, religion, love and faith, written by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay.The novel is full of romantic events and situations but in inner it’s about the class and social position of society.The main characters of this novel are Lolita,an orphan girl, care of uncle Gurucharan.

The hero is Shekhar Roy the son of Nabin Roy.Nabin Roy is a rich man and a faithful religious man. Lolita’s family and Roy’s are the neighbour.Their another neighbour is Charu’s family,Girin is the brother of Manorams and uncle of charu. Lolitha’s family has a good relationship with Charu’s family and charu is the the good companion of Lolita.

Shekhar is the younger child of Roy’s family and Abinash is his elder brother.Gurucharan the uncle of Lolitha borrows money from Nabin Roy. Lolita is 13 years old girl and Shekhar is 24 years old Lolitha calls Shekhar as “Shekhar da ” or brother. Shekhar loves Lalita secretly but Lolitha doesn’t know about the hidden love of Shekhar.

Lolita is as a guardian, like a sister cares for Shekhar. Sometimes, Lolita’s uncle says Shekhar to find out a good husband for Lolitha but Shekhar has his own affection for Lolita. Suddenly, the uncle of charu Girin comes from another place in their house. That time Girin falls in love with Loalita and wants to marry her.

That time Lolita makes a good relationship with Charu’s family. Shekhar wants to marry Lolitha but he cannot say his father, he is always compelled to fulfill his father’s order. Once, Shekhar decides to go Kashi with her mother, before going he gives a necklace to Lalitha after going to Kashi Shekhar is shocked to hear a bad news that Girin is going to marry Loalita and their marriage is fixed. later he hears another news that Lolitha’s family replaces their religion faith as “Brombh”.

Shikhar is too much shocked for this because his father will never allow his marriage with such a family who neglecst their religion. Before Lolita’s uncle is only poor man and now he rejects his religion so it becomes Impossible to make any relationship between two family. After the departure of Nabin Roy, Shekhar decides to come back his home.

Some years later Shekhar returns to his home. This time his marriage is fixed, he meets with Lolitha and it seems that she is an unmarried girl because she is dressed like an unmarried girl. Now Shekhar knows everything about Loalita.

That time Lolitha refuses Girin for marriage that time, because she seems herself as wife of Shekhar Roy and she loves Shekhar so Lolitha survives as an unmarried woman. knowing everything Shekhar decides to marry Lolitha.After the death of Nabin Roy there is no obstacle to stop their marriage. So such a way two lover become one at last.

So, it can be said that, the book “Parineeta”” is a highly recommended book for every Bengali literature lover. Shekhar is obviously a loyal and lovable romantic lover but he is like a coward who cannot raise his voice against his father for Lolitha.

This heroic quality is common in the novel of Sharad Chandra chattopadhyay, the readers should observe the whole novels properly. So they have to read this novel.

Parineeta PDF Download

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