Goynar Baksho PDF Download by Sarabindu Bandyopadhyay

Goynar Baksho PDF Download by Sarabindu Bandyopadhyay. “Goynar Baksho” is one of the remarkable novels of Sarabindu Bandyopadhyay. This novel indicates that time of “Bongo Vongo” when two country become divided to each other. This Nobel is about the women as well as their way of life. The settings of the novel is west Bengal and in a royal house.

The main theme of the novel is different types of ways of women’s life and their suffering. Specially, when a women becomes widow, she is deprived of all types of opportunity and happiness of life.

She is derived from wearing beautiful clothes and colorful dresses, forbidden of wearing ornaments and good food. A widow is neglected from any family program, she is banished from any social program.

Rosmoye is the remarkable girl in this noble, she was the princess of a landlord house but only at the age of 12 she becomes widow. As a Jomidar or local landlord’s daughter she got 100 vori Gold ornaments in her marriage. According to the custom, Rosmaye had no right to wear any ornaments or colorful dresses.

Gradually she becomes old. At the beginning of the novel Somlata marries the niece of Rosmaye’s. Somlata belongs to a poor family but being good looking she can be the wife of such a royal family. Because of Bongo Vongo her husband’s family lost their all property except their royal house of West Bengal.

When she comes in the family she meets with Rosmoye her grandmother in law or aunt of her husband. Everyone calls her “pishimoni” ian angry old woman and always protect her goynar baksho. Because everyone is greed for her ornaments and all members of the family think after the death of her they will divided the ornaments and lead there family expenses.

One day Somlata feels bored and wish to go roof of the house. Going there she discovers that in the room of the pishimoni, she founds her dead.  Beside the dead body suddenly she notices the ghost of Rosmoye the ghost says her to to take her goynar bakshoi and protects it from every one. 

She doing all orders of ghost like subconscious mind. From that time sometimes the ghost of Rosmoye is noticed by Somlata. Somlata brother in-laws wife notices Somlata when she brings goynar baksho. After the event she starts to disturb Somlata.

Once the ghost of Rosmoye becomes angry and spoils her the ability of talking. Later the family of Somlata starts to business of saree a different types of clothes. At first the members of family refuses this but later they accept that. After few years Somlata gives birth a baby girl.

She give her name her Boson. Few years later everyone notices that Boson is completely look like Rosmoye. In those years Somlata needs money for many times but she never sells a single piece of ornament from goynar baksho. She always tries to keep her promise to Rosmoye for saving goynar baksho.

Though Basin is look like Rosmaye, character is completely different from her. She has no desire for ornaments or anything. Once she fall in love a boy of the next door the boy belongs to a family but he is  brilliant students .the They fall in love but many difficult situation there love cannot be fulfilled .After many years the boy comes back in her life becoming eligible for her. Finally they become united.

So the book is an incredible book for literature lover. Such a humorous and comedy type of novel which is able to give pleasure and satisfaction to readers so that the book is highly recommended.

Goynar Baksho PDF Download

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