Josna O Jononir Golpo PDF Download Free by Humayun Ahmed

Josna O Jononir Golpo PDF Download Free by Humayun Ahmed. “Josna O Jononir Golpo” is a political and liberation war based novel. The great novel is written by famous Bangladeshi writer Humayun Ahmed. He dedicated the book to his mother, Ayesha Akter Khatun and father Foyzur Rahman Ahmed. The book is designed by Masum Rahman.

The written price of the book is 800 taka. In 2004, the writer published the book by Onnoprokash Prokasoni. The book has 528 pages. The wirter wrote the book excellently  by the help of different book. When we read the book, we will go through that liberation war in our mind.        

Maolana Irtaz Uddin Kashempuri is the Arabic teacher at Nilgonj high school. He comes to Dhaka to visit his brother house.  When Irtaz Uddin reaches his brother Shahed’s house he doesn’t find the house. Another man replies that they change the house.

However,he finds the house of Shahed. But Shahed’s wife Asmani  leaves the house with her daughter, Runi. Shahed doesn’t tell inform his brother that Asmani  leaves the house in angry mind.   

Asmani doesn’t come back in her house. On 25 March, the Pakistani amry killed many generel people. Everything  closes by the direction of the Government. For the picketing hours, Asmani doesn’t go out. Generally, she takes shelter in her mother or aunt’s House.

But in this time, she takes shelter in her friend’s house. So, Shahed doesn’t find her.  Shahed has a bosom friend whose name is Naimul.  Naimul’s uncle arranges a marriage for him with an constable daughter. Naimul is a student of physics Department.

After few months, he will go abroad  for Ph.D. degree. So he marries off Mobarak’s daughter. But the liberation war starts for Saving country. Mobarak Hossain’s duty is in Bangabandhu’s house. As a close hearted man of Bangabandhu, the Pakistani army also kills Mobarak Hossain.

Among the country, the Pakistani Army kill the general people. Shahed’s collogue Gowrango is a well family in old Dhaka. When the army kill their family member, he becomes insensible. The Pakistani army also kill many University’s teacher and students.

In this fighting situation, Shah Kalimullah comes to Mobarak’s family and marries off one daughter. He takes responsibility of the family. Many times he flees away with the family from the Pakistani army. To see the condition of the country, Naimul goes to take training and comes back to fight for the country.            

Humayun Ahmed uses many deeds of Liberation war in this book very carefully which does not making us boring. The Pakistani army also reaches in Nilgonj village. They force to Irtaz Uddin for prayer. But Irtaz Uddin neglect their orders.

For this reason, they kill him. Gowrango becomes mad day by day. At first, Asmani flees away with her friend’s family. But after some days, the family rejects her and her daughter. Asmani takes shelter in  refugee camp. But, fortunately they meets with Naimul.

As a friend’s wife he manages a house for Asmani to live there. Naimul makes very risky operations against the army. Many war ships are drowned by the fire, bomb of freedom fighter. We get an independence country but many People loss their life for country.

Naimul doesn’t come after after liberation war. Many freedom fighters don’t   come back to their relatives. By their sacrific, we get an independence country. The writer of the novel very eloquently uses the historical name like Taz Uddin Ahmed, President Iyahiya, Julfiqar Ali Bhutto, Richard Nixon, Indira Gandhy etc. Every literature lover and conscious people should read this book to know the real story of our liberation war.

Josna O Jononir Golpo PDF Download

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