Anandamath PDF Download by BankimChandra Chattopadhyay

Anandamath PDF Download by BankimChandra Chattopadhyay. “Anandamath” is a political novel written by BankimChandra Chattopadhyay. This novel is about revolt against English rules in the India subcontinent. “Chiattorer Monontor” or the famine of 1676, the worst situation is described in this novel clearly by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay.

There are some major characters are Mahendra and Kallanye a common village family survivors, during famine they are compelled to leave their own village for famine and decides to go a place where food is available. In the midway, they are attacked by some robbers.

For the moment they are separated from each other. The wife of a Mahendra is found by a “Hindu Sannasy” and takes the responsibility of Kallanye till he can make Mahendra and her wife together.”Anandamath” is not only a political novel but also a communal novel.

Before, in this subcontinent Muslims are the fuller of the nation, for this many Hindu people become Muslims as well as Hindus are lost their power and arrogance. That time in India many writer like Robindranath Tagore, Ishwar Chandra vidyasagar and so on.

They are the communal and hates the Muslims and they raises their voice by their powerful writing against Muslims. They think English government ruler is better than Muslim rules in Indian subcontinent. When Mahendra and his Sannasy Guru talk about revolt it is clear to the reader that they are nothing but a Muslims hater.

They can tolerate English rules but Muslims rules. Communal think that Muslims are the migrated in this country but they always forget that “The Arzo” are the pioneer of hinduism in this subcontinent. There are a lot of Muslims like Dudu Mia, Sariatullah, Titumir are the revolters against British colonial rule.

But, only Hindu revolvers are praised for this credit. They are called the genuine child of Indian Motherhood. But Muslims fighter are not evaluated. After finishing Muslim rules, English raises their kingdom. Both English ruler and Muslim ruler are the outsider of Indian subcontinent but, when British rulers are ruling some aristocrats start supporting them.

Even Robindranath Tagore supports British colonial rule except Muslims. In this novel the charactera are used only to design the story but main purpose is to raise Communal riot in the country. The most popular national song of India “Vandemataram” is taken from the novel “Anandamath”.

This novel is still exists as a Communal spite in the India. Mahendra at last gets his wife and son and again starts to live with family. It is clear that the novel is a powerful and masterpiece of the writer BankimChandra Chattopadhyay.

That time this novel works as a Communal spite through the country because powerful writing can change the society where we live. At the beginning of the novel, we can get a clear picture of famine which is created from the greediness of British rule.

They make their economic situation development by the resource of Indian subcontinent but here makes the false scarcity of food. So it can be said that the main purpose is to write this novel the dividend people by their religion.

Many Communal think that only Hindus are the children of mother India ther is not any place for Muslims. The novel is as important as Communal attitude of the writer and so on. So, this novel is highly appreciated novel according its subject matter as well as significance.

Anandamath PDF Download

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