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Ma PDF Download by Anisul Haque. “Ma” novel is written by Anisul Haque. This book is about the liberation war in 1971.This book is also about the Safia Begum’s son’s death. The price of the book is 300 tk. The book is composed on the real situation of our liberation war.

The book is published by “Somoi Prokasoni”. The writer highlights that this book’s all events are not real. For example, azad’s loves for mily is coincidental. But Azad’s Letters for his mother is real. The writer’s intention is not hurt anyone. It is written on Bengali people’s war Against the Pakistani army and Government.

Azad was his mother’s one and only son. In past, Azad’s father Md. Younus Chowdhury was an engineer at Kolkata. At first, Younus Chowdhury’s wife Safia begum gets birth a girl. But this girl was passed away in her early age. Then, Azad was born.

Younus Chowdhury left Kolkata and started business in East Pakistan. For business purpose, he was a dedicated man and prospered in his life. Safia begum was a big hearted woman. She used to feed people. When her husband’s friends or son’s friends came to her house, she became very happy.

She was also well-mannered woman. But that happiness had not last long. Younus Chowdhury fall in love with another woman. He married off her. For this reason, she left the house with her son. This house and another house in Forasgonj was belonged to safia begum. So she took shelter in Forasgonj house. 

There she lived with her sister and nephews.  When she left the house, she didn’t bring any tk. She started a struggling life. She sold her ornaments and brought up her son. But Younus Chowdhury made a trick against   Safia Begum.

He made a plan to send his son to Pakistan for study and made safia homeless. When Safia became homeless, she didn’t came back Azad’s father. Actually, it was her strong words that if Younus Chowdhury married off another one, she didn’t live with him. When Azad came back from Pakistan after his graduation, he didn’t go to Pakistan for Master’s degree. He intends to start business in Dhaka and completes his study.

But, gradually, the situation of the country became worse. On 25 March 1971, the Pakistani army killed many general people. Many of Azad’s friends took training for fighting Against Pakistan. As a mother, Safia Begum gave shelter azad’s friends, freedom fighters. They collected arms and saved it Azad’s house.

They occurred many operation and became success. To see that, Azad took permission from his mother. For country’s purpose, Safia begum let her son to go the fight. One Night the Pakistani army arrested azad and his friends from their house. Safia begum found no way how to free her son from army.

A major called out safia Begum to tell his son that all his friends and arm where they concealed. But safia Begum inspired his son and told him that didn’t disclose what they asked. Azad informs his mother that he didn’t eat rice for two days.

Next day, Safia begum brought rice with different curries. But she didn’t found azad in that custody. She came back her home. This country became independent. But Azad didn’t came back. Safia Begum didn’t eat rice for 14 years. She also slept on floor for 14 years.

Because his son died for Country without taking rice.  When Azad got arrested on 30 August, in the same in next 14 years Safia Begum died of. A real mother sacrifices his son for the country. This book name is justified in good way. “Ma” a sacrificing lady, sacrificed her all for country’s purpose.

Ma PDF Download

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