Ordhek Nari Ordhek Issori PDF Download by Ahmed Sofa

Ordhek Nari Ordhek Issori PDF Download by Ahmed Sofa. “Ordhek Nari Ordhek Issori” is written by Bangladeshi famous thoughtful writer Ahmed Sofa. The novel is first published in 1996 by Moawla Brothers publication. The page number of the book is 144. The written price of the book is 200 taka. The writer dedicated the book to Farzana.

The novel starts with the praise of the beloved of a man. The narrator of the book is Jahid. In his life, some women comes and goes through love affair. In this novel he calls his beloved as Sohini. At first Jahid introduces to Durdana with the reader.

In the city, Durdana is the only girl whose nature is totally male character. One day Durdana, comes to Jahid’s hostel. She introduces to Jahid. She starts the system to enter into the hostel of women. The warden of the hostel comes with his wife. After some days , the warden is arrested for staying with his cousin’s wife.

One day, Mahmud kabir calls in Jahid. He informs Jahid about Durdana. He also forbades Jahid to meet up with Durdana. Maulana Hannan and Humayun kabir also forbade him. Because in this time Durdana carries always knife or pistol with her. Her dress up and behavior is not like a woman.

So everyone tries to stop him from Durdana. Jahid also confuses that Durdana is not a girl. Jahid is beaten up from some bad young guys. Everyone knows the matter in the University. A spy also follows jahid for Durdana.

One day, Durdana’s friend comes to him and forbade him to meet up with Durdana in forcefully. One day Jahid and Durdana visit in Khane khanan house. But they leaves the place. In the way Jahid starts to love her. Jahid feels that Durdana is a passionate girl.

After some days, Humayun kabir and Durdana’s brother Younus Joyardar are killed. The relationship between Jahid and Durdana ends in.

In the next phase, jahid knows about Shamrokh. One day dr Shafiqul calls in jahid and informs about Shamarokh that Abul Hasnat sir meets up with Shamarokh. Actuall, Shamarokh is a beautiful lady. If she joins in the university, the young boys become spoil for her character.

But coincidentally, Jahid and Shamarokh introduce themselves. One day Shamarokh comes to jahid hostel. She gives him her poems. She knows Jahid if the poems publishes, she will dedicate to Jahid. Shamarokh brings Jahid in her house and introduces the other family members.

Day by day they fall in love with each other. One day Shamarokh comes to Jahid hostel and offers him to marry her. But Jahid does not accept the proposal. He tries to understand the situation. One day he meets with Dildad Shaheb.

With the help of prime minister, Shamarokh gets the job as a Professor in the University. But after getting job, she forgets Jahid’s dedication. She strats to meet with Shahriar. After some day, Shahriar dies for Shamarokh. Then, Shamarokh marries with Jamiruddin and goes to abroad. She forgets Jahid and his love. The novel ends in the failure of love affair of the narrator.

Ordhek Nari Ordhek Issori PDF Download

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