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Gora PDF Download by Rabindranath Tagore. “Gora” is a great literary work by the world famous poet and novelist Rabindranath Tagore. The novel is about the conflict between Hinduism and Brahmi, the separate religion faith. The setting of the novel is India, Kolkata, in 1980 about one hundred years but the problems refers in the novel also exist in the present time world.

Time goes, but religions conflict and arguments will never end. Gora is a active voiced rebellious man, who wants to destroy such kind of confusions from the society. The two pairs of love birds are the main story of this novel as well as religious beliefs and attitudes.

Gora loves Suchanda , and wants to marry her but her father is a Brahmon faithful man. So, it is sure that there is conflict in their relationship. The writing time of the novel is nineteen century in Kolkata, when British Government rules the Indian subcontinent. The revolutionary voice of Gora can change the problems of society.

Paresh Babu is a Brahmon man who has two daughters Suchorita and Lolita. On the other hand, Anandomoye is the mother of two son Gora or Hours Mohan and Binoy. At last it is discovered that actually Gora is not the son of Anandomoye, he is a foundling and child of a Christian couple.

In spite of being a long novel, the story or plot construction is quite different. There are a lot of popular quotes in this novel. Communalism never brings something good for the people,  it Only destroys the humanity in  the world. Religion becomes more important than anything including humanity.

When the novel is written there are several problems in Indian subcontinent like communalism, nationalism, religious conflict between Hinduism and Brahmon, colonial rules etc. That time Robindranath Tagore is not rewarded by Novel prize. The novel flourishes all over the country to recover the nationalism. Many young fight for the freedom of motherland again British Raj.

Paresh Babu a great man ,he rises his two daughters so well educated. Binoy also love Lolitha but the religious conflict makes the unseen wall in front of them. Anandomoye the mother of Gora refuses the society and gives her lovable motherly shelter to Gora, because she knows that Gora is not Hindu and Indian rather outsider and different religious child.

In the novel, the writer says many valuable speeches by the different characters like Gora, Paresh Babu, Anandomoye and some Muslims of the novel. That time, Hindu people don’t eat, sit or anything with other religions faithful people, even they don’t take shelter with them. Gora , always a prideful of become a Hindu and Indian. Gora think the deprived Muslims are better than the cruel Hindu.

Sometimes, he talks with some characters with so wisdom that the readers will be surprised. The whole life time he spends his time doing many things for country, nationalism and patriotism. But, at last when he knows his actual identity he is surprised. He clearly understands the actual truth is humanity and humanity is the main thing and it sits the top of the everything.

Gora raises his voice against British colonial rule, communal crisis, religious conflict and at last it is got by him that Gora that Humanity is the best religion and better for everything. So, such a beautiful novel should read every Bengali literature lover and become the man of humanity and should leave the communal conception.

Gora PDF Download

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