Eleven Minutes PDF Download by Paulo Coelho

Eleven Minutes PDF Download by Paulo Coelho. Paulo Coelho is a famous Brazilian writer who writes the masterpiece novel Eleven Minutes. In spite of being a Brazilian he is famous all over the world because of his powerful writings. The Bengali readers can’t read the Brazilian language so that we have to depend on the translation copy of his writings.

His best novels are The alchemist, Eleven minutes, Veronika Decides to Die, Manual of the warrior of lights etc. Highest best selling books is The alchemist which is the most selling book ever in the world. “Eleven Minutes” the novel is about the life of a Brazilian prostitute. Maria is her Pseudonym.

Paulo Coelho knows about Maria from his friend. Maria gives his personal notebook, she writes her own life events. Then he starts to think about his masterpiece novel Eleven Minutes. He is the writer who is enough brave to write about the sex and the life of prostitute.

At the beginning of the novel, Maria a eleven years old, falls in love with a boy who borrows a pencil from her. But she we never see him again. She leads a poor life. His father is a hawker and her mother is a housewife. At the age of twelve her first Menstruation is started and her mother says her that she becomes a woman.

At the age of fifteen, she discovered masturbation and it’s pleasure. At the age of sixteen, she falls in love with her classmates that time she is kissed by her boyfriend but soon they break their relationship and his boyfriend makes a relationship with her friend. She feels so sad that time.

Most of her friends are not virgin so, at the age of seventeen she loses her virginity by one of her friends. When she is nineteen, she starts to working a clothing house where are her boss falls in love with her. Once her boss offers her to visit Copacabana.

She visits there and meets some broker who are involved with some illegal works. 1 man offers to become a model though she is a high ambitious girl she cannot escape from the offer. So she accepts that and goes to Geneva. When she starts to live there she discovered that they are fraud and she is compelled to become a a prostitute.

The another cause is to earn a lot of money because she loves and needs money. But in her mind she is not completely a prostitute. She thinks, he will works there about three months and she will return to Brazil and will make a dairy farm. There she regularly goes to a library for reading.

She makes a good relationship with the librarian women and it seems to Maria that there is a shadow of virgin Meri in the face of the librarian women. She shares many secrets and about sex and sexual conversation with the woman. After some days she meets a painter named Ralph.

This time help respects Maria like a pure women. In spite of being a prostitute, she is loved by Ralph. Ralph and Maria love to each other is so purely from heart. Their relationship is something platonic and pure. Maria decides to leave Ralph because of her profession. But Ralph accepts her and doesn’t allow her to leave him.

The novel is such a charming story that provides a lot of knowledge and information about the hard reality of life. Though the novel is about life of a prostitute and sex but it shows the reality of human life. So, every literature lover should read this novel to know something unique and reality.

Eleven Minutes PDF Download

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